June 22nd, 2015

A Flash Of Gold

The flash of a gold skirt makes this neutrals-only outfit beyond chic. Believe it or not, adding a bit of sparkle to my wardrobe is on my fall list.

Image © Tommy Ton for Style.com


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Silk scarf


Velvet sandals




Leather boots


Striped sweater


Silk scarf black


Leather jacket


Ankle boots


Shearling-lined jacket


Washed-satin skirt


Embellished pumps



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  • I love the simplicity of this look and how the metallic skirt is ‘quieted’ by the handsome grey and the black flats.

    PaulaJune 22nd, 2015  7:10 PM

  • Oh, this is a great outfit. Would love your picks for a similar skirt!

    C.MicholJune 22nd, 2015  7:15 PM

  • I like it a lot. Only interested in metallics away from my face, so the skirt is perfect – so fun and fresh.

    KathyJune 22nd, 2015  8:09 PM

  • I have just bought a Dries Van Noten simple grey top with gold metallic detail. It’s amazing how it lifts white jeans or black pants to a little more pulled together look, definitely a great investment to add to all my neutrals.

    MelanieJune 23rd, 2015  2:27 AM

  • I bought a pair of gold flats this spring as an impulse buy, because I loved them on sight – and was surprised to find that they have gotten a ton of use. They go with everything. So then I bought gold sandals – and have been wearing them to death as well. A little shine goes a long way with a neutral outfit.

    ellaJune 23rd, 2015  8:15 AM

  • A metallic touch is always welcome! Although I fear going full-on disco with a skirt or trousers, I do have a number of tops and accessores, Maybe I’ll wear some today in honor of my root canal :-/ Fashion can always cheer one up!

    joannawnycJune 24th, 2015  6:08 AM

  • That’s what I call Casual Glamour

    That's Not My AgeJune 24th, 2015  8:33 AM

  • This outfit is everything ! I would never have thought of wearing this skirt, let alone pairing it with a grey sweatshirt and flats, but it totally works, and it’s really cool !


    CarolineJuly 2nd, 2015  11:50 AM


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