July 21st, 2015

Clean And Simple

It’s mid summer and the heat and humidity are taking their toll; I’m spending far too much time indoors with all of my stuff. Weather like this makes me wish that I lived in a pared-down space. But I have to wonder, do they have a room somewhere jam-packed with books, tennis rackets, and all of the kids’ art projects? As much as I crave a spare environment, it’s not compatible with my lifestyle.


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Tie-neck dress


Rockstud sliders


Cashmere coat


Hammock bag


Striped trousers




Floral blouse


Suede sandals


Foral blouse




Scalloped pump


Quartz earrings

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  • Ha Preston you are so stylish I imagined you as a complete minimalist! I am thrilled to hear that even you have tennis racquets and kids’ art projects!

    KatieJuly 21st, 2015  6:50 AM

  • A home should reflect the people that live in it. You are a mother and wife surrounded by treasured memories not clutter. Enjoy every last one!

    MelanieJuly 21st, 2015  7:25 AM

  • My home is also very different from the way I dress. A lot of pattern mixing, color, etc. I tried “spare” at home once, and it didn’t work for us at all. But nice to look at.

    KathyJuly 21st, 2015  9:14 AM

  • Well Said Melanie!

    SharonJuly 21st, 2015  9:33 AM

  • I dream of being able to have a home like this…then I think about all of the wonderful memories in the things that I can’t bear to get rid of. There’s nothing wrong with the evidence of a life well-lived.

    C.MicholJuly 21st, 2015  2:33 PM

  • Where do they set their mail?

    PaulaJuly 21st, 2015  3:53 PM

  • A minimalist I am not, nor do I aspire to be. But reading “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” certainly helped me ditch some clutter that was not serving me, nor my home. If you love it, keep it. If you don’t, chuck it.

    Tori MordecaiJuly 21st, 2015  8:09 PM

  • I would guess that all of their “stuff” is in their other house.

    LisaJuly 22nd, 2015  5:35 AM

  • also read through Marie Kondo’s book and tidying method of ‘love it, keep it/don’t love it, get rid of it’ and my closet and home feel much better now

    mariaJuly 22nd, 2015  8:39 AM

  • We have a number of cabinetry and hidden storage so all the clutter and evidence of everyday living is kept out of sight. We also have a stockroom for huge things. Eventually all these stuff come out anyway when they are used, but it’s good to know that they can be stored away on days that you need a clutter free space.

    SamJuly 30th, 2015  8:40 PM


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