August 2nd, 2015


I mentioned earlier this week that I’m having an opal moment, in part because my mother recently gave me an amazing fire opal ring. She bought the stone in Australia while we were there for tennis ages ago. So, you can just imagine that I flipped when I saw this image on Sarah Harris’ Instagram feed. She is wearing a handful opal rings by jewelry designer Susan Foster. They are lovely.


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Nutter tie-waist linen-blend blazer


Ring-embellished crossover leather slides


Cotton-twill coat


Siouxsie gold-plated earrings


Gemma 40 suede slingback pumps


Linen blazer


Fringedetailed Horsebit slides


Iron cotton, linen and Tercel-Blend wrap dress


Two-Toned Sac 1


Silk-satin hairclip


Trezum 85 leather sandals


Round-neck linen-blend coat

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  • I love these rings. And I especially love it when you mention your mother. Very beautiful– on both counts.

    JackieAugust 2nd, 2015  6:15 AM

  • I am passionate about opals as well! I just designed a beautiful piece around a gorgeous stone I bought a few months ago from a geologist. It will become a statement pendant!

    SheriAugust 2nd, 2015  7:35 AM

  • So beautiful, all of them. And so nice about your new ring.

    KathyAugust 2nd, 2015  8:29 AM

  • I have what they call a “Hawaiian Opal” bought in Maui about 18 years ago and it’s set horizontally across my finger in gold. It’s a little irregular in shape and a gorgeous mix of blues and green. I always get complements on it and I don’t think I paid more than $350 for it! It’s a great ring for summer. I also bought matching stud earrings and those are neat too. They just remind me of the ocean and Hawaii. Enjoy your new opal!

    PMacAugust 2nd, 2015  9:11 AM

  • I am an October baby and the stone is close to my heart. It is good luck to receive an opal – all good things for you!


    MarjieAugust 2nd, 2015  9:50 AM

  • Everything but opal. I love moonstones, have a cocktail ring with it and love it. Maybe opal is kind of too colorful to me.

    isabelAugust 2nd, 2015  1:26 PM

  • I just went to the Susan Foster link and her shop is right near me!!!! Uh oh.

    KathyAugust 2nd, 2015  2:15 PM

  • Beautiful!! I l also love Australian opals, my girlfriend, jewelry designer, Pamela Froman @pamelafromanfj
    has beautiful opal jewelry!!


    Kristin AshfordAugust 3rd, 2015  2:20 PM

  • Awesome! I have always loved opals…it’s my mother’s birthstone and my auntie had given her a lovely necklace when I was a kid. I found a shop in Santa Barbara with some Australian pieces…

    AnitaAugust 5th, 2015  11:29 AM

  • I have a beautiful opal necklace my Aussie husband gave me and I always get compliments on it – such a unique stone. Curious to know the shop in Santa Barbara with Australian pieces ? I am here now and would love to go

    KaraAugust 6th, 2015  9:31 AM


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