September 25th, 2015
Street Style

Franca Sozzani Inspired

Even in the rain during Milan Fashion Week, Franca Sozzani, the long-standing editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia, looks perfectly put-together. The midi skirt is growing on me, especially since I follow Ridgely Brode, who is a big proponent of the length.

Photo © Kuba Dabrowski for WWD


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Cashmere coat


Hammock bag


Striped trousers




Floral blouse


Suede sandals


Foral blouse




Scalloped pump


Quartz earrings


Velvet dress


Suede loafers

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  • I love Franca Sozzani’s style and attitude. This outfit is definitely one that I would copy in a heartbeat.

    ClaireSeptember 25th, 2015  5:02 AM

  • I absolutely love her! She looks completely different to me in every way so I don’t copy her. But I always look out for her in FROW pix to see what she’s wearing. She always looks absolutely herself and so attractive. True style! Her sister has the same hair and also has great style. I love midi skirts btw (I am tall) and think short skirts look so over.

    Jill, GlasgowSeptember 25th, 2015  5:22 AM

  • I do love a midi skirt! Thank you Preston for sharing – And I love how Franca Sozzani is embracing her age and looking fabulous. Great shot – she is so happy it is infectious. xxRidgely

    Ridgely's RadarSeptember 25th, 2015  5:57 AM

  • Dignified style and signature hair equals super chic

    karenSeptember 25th, 2015  6:27 AM

  • Love this image beyond words. Living, breathing glamour. I wish the media would show more images like this, thank you. The only change I would make personally would be a slightly less dainty heel. The tiny ribbon strap doesn’t look stable enough for the active shot, or real life.

    Jean LouiseSeptember 25th, 2015  9:02 AM

  • This is a perfect length for more mature women….chic sophisticated and stylish…love it….and LOVE the shoes…even in the rain!!

    Pam DeBarrSeptember 25th, 2015  11:01 AM

  • She is marvelous, and I love what she’s done with Vogue Italia.

    C.MicholSeptember 25th, 2015  12:18 PM

  • Even though my legs are fine, I don’t love the look of my knees. MIDI skirts work much better in warm LA where bare legs last all year long.

    ToriSeptember 25th, 2015  3:55 PM

  • Thisi image and her expression conveys such joie de vivre!

    KellySeptember 25th, 2015  9:38 PM

  • Every time I see her it’s like a breath of fresh air. I love her style and I love how she always seems so comfortable with who she is.

    kimSeptember 26th, 2015  9:02 AM

  • I love Franca, this is the perfect example of how to age gracefully. She always looks happy and so chic, definitely someone to look up to !

    CarolineSeptember 28th, 2015  5:41 AM

  • I also think she is naturally chic and not only for her clothes.

    MauraSeptember 28th, 2015  3:35 PM


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