November 4th, 2015
On My Mind

Sale Prep

Sale season is imminent. Knowing this, I’m seriously contemplating the items that I don’t want to get away, and the items that I’d be happy to pick up if they get marked down. This is also the time when I think about doubling up. If I love a piece and it’s really gone the distance, I’ll consider buying another one before it sells out.

Above are a few things I’ve had my eye on—the Fendi dress has been on my wish list for months and hopefully it will go on sale, and I just bought the Saint Laurent loafers to try before they disappear.

Saint Laurent striped turtleneck, Joseph fisherman knit, Fendi jumper, Marni bag, Saint Laurent loafers and here.


what's new




Pocket Bandoleer bag


Lace-up corduroy shirt


Corduroy trousers


Small tote


Wool-Blend pants




Wool-blend sweater


Marmont loafers


Printed silk dress


Mary-Jane pumps

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  • I love all the items, but really have my eye on the St. Laurent striped turtleneck sweater. Is it on sale yet?
    Also LOVE the colorful, striped Gucci on the sidebar!

    KathyNovember 4th, 2015  9:31 AM

  • Nothing is on sale, yet. Just around the corner…

    PrestonNovember 4th, 2015  9:33 AM

  • Funny you should mention this, Preston. I just got my 25% off coupon from NAP this week which signals that the big sales are imminent. I purchased a pair of checked Marc Jacobs pants, the Joseph track pants in navy, and a Stella McCartney skirt that I have been eyeing all season. However, post-Thanksgiving is usually when I find some of my best buys.

    kimNovember 4th, 2015  9:45 AM

  • You are lucky! The sales don’t start here in Europe until after Christmas!!!

    Claude RemainsNovember 4th, 2015  6:42 PM

  • The knit, and the bag are really beautiful, so classic ! You’re lucky, here in France the sales won’t be here for at least two months…

    CarolineNovember 5th, 2015  4:20 AM

  • nice!

    Lizbeth CollazoNovember 5th, 2015  2:38 PM

  • Definitely going to buy a Marni Trunk Bag this year:)

    paula c.November 6th, 2015  4:43 AM

  • Something I have been wondering about for ages: does NAP have separate stocks for the US and Europe? I always follow the US sale with tears in my eyes as I see all my top wishes disappear.

    lychettNovember 6th, 2015  9:49 AM


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