November 10th, 2015
In WSJ. Magazine

Bootie Time

With the unseasonably warm days, I’ve yet to pull out and wear booties. But, it’s time to add them to my fall shoe rotation—they take my jeans up a notch.

Image @ WSJ. Magazine September 2015 Women’s Style issue.


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Silk scarf


Velvet sandals




Leather boots


Striped sweater


Silk scarf black


Leather jacket


Ankle boots


Shearling-lined jacket


Washed-satin skirt


Embellished pumps



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  • Great title today!

    KariNovember 10th, 2015  6:43 AM

  • In LA, women wear them almost year round (unless it’s 100 deg) – Are you considering a block heeled boot this year?

    KathyNovember 10th, 2015  8:29 AM

  • I’m doing mostly block heeled booties this year. I got the black velvet brocade Stella McCartney booties that are a lot of fun. I will still pull out my stiletto Saint Laurent booties though-they are my favorites.

    EBNovember 10th, 2015  9:52 AM

  • I gave those Saint Laurent booties to my daughter, now they are her favorites. Wish they were not so high.

    PrestonNovember 10th, 2015  9:53 AM

  • When I opened your post, before I read the article, I thought the booties were the Jimmy Choo Brody’s from last year. Mine are still in great shape and I’ll be bringing them out this year, but I want a block heel as well.

    kimNovember 10th, 2015  10:01 AM

  • Still enjoying my Jimmy Choo Brody boots as well. Hard to beat the comfort of those!

    SusanNovember 10th, 2015  10:44 AM

  • Which ones are these ? Love them!

    SheilaNovember 11th, 2015  7:54 AM

  • These are Saint Laurent

    PrestonNovember 11th, 2015  8:04 AM

  • What a cute styling trick, I think I will try this soon !

    CarolineNovember 11th, 2015  11:30 AM

  • I’m wearing mostly block heeled booties this year (or flat), but I have a pair like those Saint Laurent with a slightly lower heel that will always be in style!

    bisbeeNovember 11th, 2015  12:05 PM


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