November 19th, 2015

I Hear You

The Tom Ford lipstick is a great color and tastes good, but I’ve been reapplying frequently. Next up, Charlotte Tilbury lip colors.


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  • CT has a color lasting lip lacquer that’s really good – the link takes you to those as well. I think the best regular lipstick, is by Giorgio Armani.

    KathyNovember 19th, 2015  6:37 AM

  • Preston…Perfect Kate is perfection…:) d

    dorianNovember 19th, 2015  7:18 AM

  • I love Charlotte tilbury. I started with the beach sticks and now I use so much of her product, I can’t keep track!

    ChennillNovember 19th, 2015  8:11 AM

  • Thank you to everyone who commented about the staying power of the TF. If I want moisturized lips I have Caudalie and Fresh for that, and MAC for lip primer, because nothing irritates me more than expensive lipstick that needs to be reapplied every 15 minutes (yes I’m looking at you Dior). I will check out the Charlotte when I’m in the States next week.

    SueMNovember 19th, 2015  8:17 AM

  • My favourite shades are Very Victoria for everyday and Walk of Shane for when I want some oomph.

    MMSNovember 19th, 2015  8:55 AM

  • I try lipsticks all the time and never seem to find one I like – although I love how they look on others. Thanks for the tip I will give Charlotte Tilbury a test run along with TF

    Ridgely'S RadarNovember 19th, 2015  9:18 AM

  • Not to take anything away from High End Cosmetic Lines as Iam a lover of Chanel but, L’Oreal makes great lipstick in many different shades and has great staying power as well an affordable price for someone on a tight budget.

    FMINovember 19th, 2015  10:46 AM

  • I started with one of the sets from CT and keep going back for more. The blush, mascara, lipstick, gloss, eye pencils look so good!

    CarrieNovember 19th, 2015  12:43 PM

  • Having been a M.A.C. and NARS girl for years, I would love to know which of these you like.


    amyNovember 19th, 2015  12:45 PM

  • I have recently been concerned with toxins (“C” causing chemicals) in my personal care products and have switched to “clean” lipsticks, facial creams & lotions, body care items. What do you think?

    LynnNovember 19th, 2015  2:26 PM

  • I pencil in my entire lip first, using the complementary color. Applying the lipstick or gloss is easy because you don’t have to be exact. It lasts and lasts, it doesn’t feather, and you’ll never have the dreaded “lip outline.” You won’t need to reapply until after lunch, and then only lipstick, as the pencil stays on. My favorite line is Chantecaille. I find long lasting lipstick products are drying.

    CatherineNovember 20th, 2015  6:19 PM

  • Catherine, great advice.

    PrestonNovember 21st, 2015  5:05 AM


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