December 15th, 2015
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White Wonder

I have absolutely no idea where I’d wear this Saint Laurent dress,  but I’ve had my eye on it for months. With the sky-high prices of my favorite designers’ clothes these days, I’d better come up with a good reason if I’m going to buy it.

Top image © Porter


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  • I wouldn’t be tempted. It’s beautiful on Clare Danes but I think even she’s borderline old for a white boho dress like that. Strictly for the young. Gorgeous though – and it was a beautiful story featuring Clare Danes in The Edit.

    Jill, GlasgowDecember 15th, 2015  6:39 AM

  • How about a renewal of one’s marriage vows?

    LeslieDecember 15th, 2015  6:52 AM

  • While looking for a dress for an upcoming summer wedding, I saw this and some other white beauties online. Too bad one can’t wear white to someone else’s wedding!

    KathyDecember 15th, 2015  8:27 AM

  • It is beautiful. I think if one really loves something, and they can buy it without neglecting their obligations, they should buy it and make a point of wearing it many times. I can see this dress being worn to many events. On the right person it will be memorable.

    AprilDecember 15th, 2015  10:17 AM

  • I love it…but it would have limited use. It does look like a wedding dress for a casual wedding, but I agree it looks like it is for a young woman.

    But…if you love it and have an occasion to wear it…

    bisbeeDecember 15th, 2015  10:34 AM

  • Beautiful dress. I, too, ordered a white dress (last summer–different style) that was gorgeous and fit beautifully. I wore it in front of the mirror off and on and finally decided that I just didn’t have a place to wear it. White dresses can be incredibly limiting.

    PindaDecember 15th, 2015  7:18 PM

  • Its lovely.

    LilyDecember 15th, 2015  8:06 PM

  • I’m with April ~ this dress is beautiful. I love white year round, and nothing is as lovely as a gorgeous dress. If you owned it, you would find occasions to wear it. In her second year of high school, my daughter spotted a perfect soft pink dress, which was formal. She had no date for the prom at the time. I encouraged her to take the dress because it was one of a kind and so beautiful on her, and worry about the date later. : )) Get the beautiful dress and worry about where to wear it later. Certainly life will offer opportunities to wear such a special dress. I am curious to know what the fabrication is – I can’t tell from the photo (is it wool/blend?).

    PaulaDecember 15th, 2015  10:41 PM

  • I would wear it (or something similar, it is true, there is something a little ‘baby doll’ about this particular silhouette) to entertain at home or at friends’ homes, with a flat ‘fancy’ slipper or sandal. I love wearing white year round.

    AgnesDecember 15th, 2015  11:57 PM

  • This is a really cute option on sale at Barney’s – for $149!

    catherineDecember 16th, 2015  9:52 AM


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