December 21st, 2015

Monday Must-Have

The best holiday accessory is a bright, white smile. I want to try Marvis toothpaste, partly because of the cool packaging.

I’m getting Invisalign today. My teeth have shifted since I had braces in grade school and I find that I don’t smile confidently anymore. A Christmas present to myself.


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  • I think that’s brilliant of you to do. My teeth haven’t shifted, but if that had, I’d do it too. I have had laser whitening a few times, and I feel due for another. Maybe my Christmas present to me. There is nothing “chicer” than a great and confident smile. Best accessory ever.

    KathyDecember 21st, 2015  8:52 AM

  • Brava!! I had my braces put on when I was 43 years old. When I awoke the next morning and looked in the mirror I thought ‘what have I done’. You need resolve to hang in there. Now I’m 70 years old. It is one of the best things I’ve ever done. I love straight white shinning teeth. You done need a facelift when your teeth are healthy and your skin is clear. Congrats!

    lorraineDecember 21st, 2015  9:04 AM

  • Best of luck to you, Preston. I got my braces off 3 months ago and I’m really glad I did it. You won’t regret it.

    SiobhanDecember 21st, 2015  9:54 AM

  • I did the same two years ago and am so happy. Ask your dentist about Acceledent. It’s a device that you wear 20 min/ day and it can reduce your time in braces 50%. Merry Christmas!

    LFRDecember 21st, 2015  10:07 AM

  • Congratulations! I am 60 (61 on 12/22) and I got braces in my 40’s. I am so happy I did — My eyelid need some work (dropping) but my smile is great. You will be very happy. oh by the way — Marvis toothpaste is loaded with endocrine disruptors (parabens). Try natural toothpaste. They are better for your health and beautiful smile.

    pythiaDecember 21st, 2015  12:24 PM

  • That packaging is pretty cool! Good luck with your braces! I had mine in my twenties and never regretted it.

    JessicaDecember 21st, 2015  3:14 PM

  • I’m in my early 60’s and recently finished a two year journey with invisaligns and it was one of the best things I could have done for myself so congratulations on taking the leap. You couldn’t give yourself a better gift.

    KateDecember 21st, 2015  8:58 PM

  • I admire your decision – it takes courage and confidence. Dental health/ hygiene is so much easier to maintain with straight teeth, and the latest news about plaque + flossing and its relationship to our overall (especially brain) health is worth noting! My 25 year old daughter has to go back into braces – she’s not happy, but I am insisting. I paid for the orthodontia and am protecting that investment. One day she will thank me. : )

    PaulaDecember 22nd, 2015  2:31 AM

  • I’m so happy to hear everyone’s success stories. Next week, at age 70, I start braces again, as my teeth have shifted, too! Good to know about Acceledent. Thx!

    LynnDecember 22nd, 2015  1:55 PM

  • I’m with you,Preston.think about braces too,but I’m afraid!

    MargaretDecember 24th, 2015  12:22 AM

  • Best wishes for your decision on braces! Before retiring this year at 60, I used my company-provided medical insurance to cover about 20% of the cost of my Damon system braces and Acceledent. I’m very pleased with the results so far as I near the treatment half-way point. I have a good deal of crowding of my lower teeth so in some ways wish I’d done it sooner and smiled more earlier; on the other hand, technology changes over time and we can take advantage of that. As with having a personal trainer, I consider braces part of taking care of my “infrastructure” 🙂

    SarahDecember 28th, 2015  11:28 PM


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