December 29th, 2015
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Red Shoes

After I put this Gucci loafer in the KiC shop yesterday, my friend Kathy Leeds asked me if I would ever wear red shoes. Yes! I love lipstick red espadrilles in the summer– they are great with dark denim or all white. I could easily see myself wearing these with camel, grey, or navy–weirdly, they are kind of a neutral.


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Quant leopard-print calf hair ankle boots


Kellen ribbed cotton-blend tunic


Brixton horsebit-detailed leather collapsible-heel loafers


Emma shirtdress


Eva silk crepe de chine blouse


Linen-blend culottes


Crossover velvet flatform sandals


GV3 small textured-leather and suede shoulder bag


Almeria leather wedge espadrilles


Patch-pocket cotton coat


Bilbao mini tote


Ginger embellished two-tone textured-leather pumps

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  • Thanks P – I think they’re so fabulous, and I see others wearing them as a neutral, and I love red bags and shoes. I used to carry a red handbag always – not sure when or why I stopped. I think I’m going to order these and try them out?

    KathyDecember 29th, 2015  10:00 AM

  • OK – second comment. Just ordered. I love red with olive green and khaki too. I think these could be the right thing to make my usual boring warm weather attire a bit more chic!

    KathyDecember 29th, 2015  10:16 AM

  • I think red shoes, handbag, scarves and gloves are the way red can be successfully worked into a wardrobe. Its a great color, but not complimentary in big doses on everybody. Red accents with camel and grey are my favorite. I love these shoes!

    AprilDecember 29th, 2015  11:06 AM

  • Red and camel is one of my favorite color combinations. Many, many years ago Town & Country did a fantastic editorial on red and camel clothing and accessories. Inlcuded were a red Hermes bag, a classic camel ‘boy coat,’ a gorgeous Ferragamo ‘Audrey’ flat in red, a great camel turtleneck and trouser, among others. How could one not be happy wearing a red shoe? Love it!

    PaulaDecember 29th, 2015  4:19 PM

  • I have some red loafers that I almost got rid of last year, as I hadn’t worn them in a long time. Weirdly, this year I’ve worn them at least a dozen times…and I love them. Classics never die.

    PindaDecember 29th, 2015  5:43 PM

  • I bought these in red eel leather in october. i think i have worn them everyday since! they are so comfortable and just go with everything. in the eel leather i got them in a 38 1/2. i also bought them in black and went down a 1/2 size, my saleslady at gucci told me the leather would stretch more than the eel.

    sallyDecember 29th, 2015  7:24 PM

  • I just watched High Society with my daughters and loved Grace Kelly’s red espadrilles with the beige shirt, chinos and silk scarf; another example of the classic color combination that never goes out of style.

    LisaDecember 29th, 2015  11:20 PM

  • Love these – but the ones you were wearing are perfection.

    LisaDecember 30th, 2015  7:05 AM

  • I agree with what others have written and love red accessories but I also think it’s like leopard in that one should only wear one red item at a time (the exception maybe being a scarf or shawl with only some red in it). Otherwise you risk looking too matchy-matchy.

    TishDecember 30th, 2015  7:12 AM

  • I am intrigued by this discussion on red shoes! I am a strictly neutrals person and always look at red shoes and have never bought a pair. I almost pulled the trigger on the new red Gucci Marmont shoulder bag ( I love the black and cognac but don’t need either and loved the style) and hesitated at the last minute. For the price, I wondered if I would get enough use from it? Maybe red shoes instead? Any advice?

    JaneDecember 30th, 2015  7:48 AM

  • Yes! I too love red as either a neutral or the added punch to a more monochramatc field of camel, gray, black, and like you, Preston, I think it would look terrific with navy. This post has inspired me to pull out a red, guilted Burberry tote I’ve not carried in some time.

    KWDecember 30th, 2015  8:46 AM

  • And while we’re on the topic of red, I also like, though seldom wear, red nail polish. It can be so pretty on short well manicured nails.

    KWDecember 30th, 2015  8:52 AM

  • I’m not a ‘red’ person per se, it’s much too bright. I stick to black, navy and charcoal grey. But I bought a warm red shift dress in the summer and had lots of compliments. I had beige accessories, which seemed to bring it down a notch. I found a gorgeous pair of red stilettoes in the sales and will be wearing them with my LBDs. I love the analogy of red being like leopard skin, Tish is right. One item only.

    YitkaDecember 30th, 2015  9:13 AM

  • Leandra Medine (aka The Manrepeller) has and wears these red loafers all the time. They are fabulous! I’d buy black first but red would be a close second!

    Lindley Pless, The SentimentalistDecember 30th, 2015  9:55 AM

  • Preston – Love these shoes and red as a neutral. Can I ask a question? I’m feeling at a lost for cute tops and/or lightweight sweaters to where with jeans, do you have any recommendations or favorite brands or go-tos?

    ElizabethDecember 30th, 2015  10:12 AM

  • Fab, fab, fab. And a Happy New Year, Preston!

    That's Not My AgeDecember 30th, 2015  12:30 PM

  • I never thought I would be a red person but I love these too. I used to wear the black version of these in the 90s with my pantsuits when I was a baby lawyer. I wish I still had them! Lesson learned that classics never go out of style.

    AmyDecember 30th, 2015  5:26 PM

  • Too old lady for me.

    karen westJanuary 3rd, 2016  2:45 PM

  • Cute. What about red patent Tods from 15 years ago (bought them in Venice on my honeymoon). The seem outdated and clunky -but maybe with the proper jeans and camel sweater!?
    Thanks for the inspiration. I may try it and see what kind of comments I get!

    JenniferJanuary 7th, 2016  9:03 PM

  • I totally agree, red shoes are amazing, and these Gucci loafers are no exception. With a camel coat and Acne jeans, they would be perfect !

    CarolineJanuary 11th, 2016  12:55 PM


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