January 8th, 2016
On My Mind

Food Rut

Rye bread? check, spring mix salad? check, milk? chicken? broccoli? check, check, check…  Sadly, I go to the market almost daily and always end up buying the same things. Yesterday, when the swordfish looked iffy I remembered this salad in Domino and bought shrimp instead. Shrimp is ridiculously easy to cook, so why don’t I buy it more often? Because it’s not on my mental grocery list, a list that is overdue for a shake-up.


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Camilla one-shoulder textured-organic cotton maxi dress


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  • Preston, I am in the same boat. My 96yo grandmother suggested I write out a weekly dinner menu. This way I am changing it up and keeping track. Will try it out for the next few weeks. The woman is an mazing cook and best mother/grandmother/hostess I know. I better listen to her

    julieJanuary 8th, 2016  2:03 PM

  • This year, I added shrimp, scallops, and ground organic, free range (hah!) chicken breast to my marketing list and it’s made a big difference. I buy vegetables on Sunday at our local Farmer’s Market, and these lean protein additions have made a huge difference.

    KathyJanuary 8th, 2016  11:19 PM

  • Hello that salad looks amazing. Do you mind sharing the name of the cookbook?

    NEETA OGDENJanuary 9th, 2016  6:13 AM

  • Its so true, I do the same thing! I tend to buy the exact same things over and over again. I do need to shake it up too.

    Ridgely's RadarJanuary 9th, 2016  7:15 AM

  • I prepared shrimp, veggies, Thai sauce in a wok last night, thanks to store near us Fresh Market.
    I always try to buy sustainably harvested seafood, organic or free range to try to be healthy and help the earth.

    Susan LavineJanuary 9th, 2016  11:20 AM


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