February 27th, 2016
On the hunt for

Golden Lobes, Cont.

In a recent post I mentioned that I’m on the hunt for new everyday earrings. My friend Allison works at Verdura and the recently relaunched Belperron, so I thought she would be a good place to start. An expert in her field, Allison was more than happy to chat with me about gold statement earrings and sent me her picks. The twisted horn earclips would do nicely.

Belperron “Roof” earclips, Verdura”Double X” earclips, Belperron “Spiral” earclips, Verdura Citrine Caged earclips, and Verdura “Twisted Horn” earclips.


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The Cardigan balloon-sleeved wool cardigan


Milou roll-neck wool-blend sweater


Erith leather midi skirt


Suede over-the-knee boots


Contrast-trim shearling jacket


Perry patent leather pumps


Nate aviator-style tortoiseshell sunglasses


Cashmere sweater


Fair Isle cashmere and wool-blend vest


Silk-satin midi skirt

M.I.H JEANS + Goldborne by Bay Garnett

Anita cotton-blend velvet top


Cantwell double-breasted cashmere coat

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  • I like the ”Double X” earclips… classic and perfect for everyday wear.

    BriFebruary 27th, 2016  11:36 AM

  • It’s hard to see the scale of these earrings, but the twisted horns are beautiful and a bit edgier than the others, which I like. I also like the Double X earrings – so classic, and would look great on you.

    KathyFebruary 27th, 2016  11:54 AM

  • The roof ones I would wear all the time. A simple, elegant shape that goes with anything.


    Jess | CityComfortsDCFebruary 27th, 2016  12:09 PM

  • Great choices. The twisted horns and the citrine cages are my favorites.

    AprilFebruary 27th, 2016  1:40 PM

  • As I was looking at the photo (before I read what you wrote) I thought the twisted horns were the best; so lovely for a self-assured woman. The spirals seem fresh and modern, probably nicest with a very open neckline.

    SuWuFebruary 27th, 2016  2:42 PM

  • These are lovely. I like the roof ones the most- looked them up and found a price tag of €14,500. I think I’ll be keeping them on the roof! Shame- real eye candy ear rings.

    Ruth HargreavesFebruary 28th, 2016  12:14 PM

  • Check out our website
    For some great gold earring choices including another pair of beautifully designed Belperron earrings

    DanaFebruary 28th, 2016  6:15 PM

  • All of your choices are beautiful! However, I don’t feel that any of them are light enough for every day
    Wear. A U.S quarter is almost six grams. I think that anything under 4 grams would be great for everyday wear. I believe a dime is 17 mm, also a very nice size for everyday wear.

    Wendy rivasFebruary 28th, 2016  9:09 PM


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