April 12th, 2016
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Denim & White

I love the denim with white accessories trend, but I’m trying to put it together in a surprising way. Perhaps a denim dress, instead of jeans, is the answer. Although a tad unexpected, this look would be perfect for one of the many lunches I have in the next few weeks. The fitted cut of the dress makes it work.

Celine bag, Derek Lam 10 Crosby dress, Tory Burch sandals.


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Silk-crepe top


Marmont loafers


Diamond earrings


Puzzle bag


Velvet top


Straight-leg pants




Pocket Bandoleer bag


Lace-up corduroy shirt


Corduroy trousers


Small tote

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  • Love this look! Wearer beware: super dark denim rubs off on white leather.

    MargaretApril 12th, 2016  5:07 AM

  • Although I’m sort of into matching shoes and bags, I’m not sure I could do white. All great pieces though.

    KathyApril 12th, 2016  2:14 PM

  • I love the denim/white leather combo for spring/summer but have definitely had some issues with color transfer from dark denim as Margaret also points out. I have this Celine bag in black but am now really tempted by the white!

    YNYApril 12th, 2016  9:03 PM

  • I’m not a fan of white accessories, but I LOVE the dress!

    bisbeeApril 13th, 2016  11:18 AM

  • Came here to say exactly what has already been said, wearing dark denim with a white bag is asking for a disaster.

    PApril 13th, 2016  1:05 PM

  • I love this dress. I would have thought brown shoes/bag, but the white would be quite striking.

    Can anyone tell me if there is a way to stop the blue dye rubbing off with a dry-clean only denim? Does dry cleaning set the dye?

    LilyApril 13th, 2016  9:07 PM


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