May 8th, 2016
Fave Re-Run

Made With Love

At the risk of sounding sappy, my girls are the greatest gifts I’ve ever received. We have a homemade-presents-only rule and I don’t expect anything from my husband, I’m not his mother. It’s too cold for a picnic, so a cozy day at home is planned.

I first ran this post four years ago, but it still applies–Happy Mother’s Day everyone!


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Dorian double-breasted checked cotton-blend tweed coat


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Ipanema shirred halterneck swimsuit


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W006 Enid mid-rise wide-leg jeans


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  • The last few posts have arrived just in time to save me from straying off course of my summer wardrobe plans. Thanks for bringing me back to reality!!
    I love your blog…I love your readers…Happy Mother’s Day to you all!!

    Amy RichardsonMay 11th, 2013  9:27 PM

  • Lovely! Happy Mother’s Day to you and your readers!

    silkpathdiary.comMay 12th, 2013  6:15 AM

  • As the song goes, they make you more than you thought you could be.

    AprilMay 12th, 2013  4:38 PM

  • I agree 100% with that. My 2 girls are amazing and I am so proud to be a mother and so grateful every day. Enjoy all of you mothers and aunts and daughters and sisters. We are the collective motherhood!

    CarolMay 12th, 2013  7:02 PM

  • Thank you Carol for your post. I love how you referred to women as the “collective motherhood”. As a woman who never met the right man and always wanted children but never had any, I appreciate this. Also, I have spent my 20s, 30s, and now 40s caring for very ill parents. I loved that you included daughters in the collective motherhood. Happy Mother’s Day to all that are moms and thank you Preston for your wonderfully uplifting blog! Fashion and beauty have saved me from much sadness and your blog always perks up my day. Keep up the great work!

    JulieMay 12th, 2013  7:21 PM

  • I think it’s totally appropriate for a man to celebrate the mother of his children with a gift.

    TunieMay 12th, 2013  10:41 PM

  • Tunie, I agree that it’s appropriate for a father to give a gift to the mother of his children. My birthday is late April, so I let my husband off the hook for Mother’s Day for this reason too…

    PrestonMay 13th, 2013  6:11 AM

  • Julie and Carol! Love your posts!! So true!!

    Sue TothMay 8th, 2016  7:43 AM

  • I agree, my daughter and grandchildren are the greatest gifts I’ve ever received and I’m beyond grateful everyday as well. We had big plans for a beach day all together, but it’s chilly here too – so a hike, a cozy afternoon home, and a homemade dinner – by me! My husband and daughter didn’t want me to cook on Mother’s Day, but I enjoy it, there’s nothing better than all being around the table, so they easily caved in.
    Happiest of Mother’s Day to you and you are one of the best mothers that I know….and your daughters reflect that and more. XO

    KathyMay 8th, 2016  8:06 AM

  • Happy Mother’s Day and love to those fabulous daughters!!!

    JenniferMay 8th, 2016  9:19 AM

  • Happy Mother’s day to you, Preston, and to all the KIC readers. Motherhood is always chic!

    AprilMay 8th, 2016  9:40 AM

  • Happy Mother’s Day Preston and to all of us. I love the mothers collective idea as well, since speaking for myself, I couldn’t have raised my daughters without all my sisters and friends with their loving support. No knock to my wonderful husband, just……you know. Also, I’ve been a surrogate mother to a couple of my daughters’ friends, so the circle is complete.
    Sending love to all the KiC community.

    SueMMay 8th, 2016  1:07 PM

  • What a fantastic post and equally fantastic comments! Speaking of the ‘collective motherhood,’ today I tip my hat to my dear sister, Patty– She has been key in our family’s circle of life, and even though she has no children herself, she is the best mother ever!

    PaulaMay 8th, 2016  11:11 PM

  • Happiest Mother’s Day to you, Preston, and to your all of your readers!

    PaulaMay 8th, 2016  11:14 PM


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