June 18th, 2016
In The Wall Street Journal

‘Holly Peterson’s Open-Air Kitchen’

I’ve never met a crumble I didn’t like and cannot wait to try Holly Peterson’s recipe for Summer Berry Pecan. The WSJ gets the author and journalist to dish on her new cookbook “Smoke and Fire: Recipes and Menus for Entertaining Outdoors” (Assouline), and how formal dining is passé—it’s a good read.


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  • I spy gorgeous Imperial Princess @Holly Peterson and am hereby inviting myself over to eat my way through her divine cookbook. Lovely post, killer fab author, and wonderful blog. Hopefully e’ll get you to reminisce one day about Takashimaya and then you’l definitely have to contact me 🙂 – imperiojp.com

    imperio jpJune 18th, 2016  1:19 PM

  • I read every word and enjoyed every detail of this article this morning in my WSJ. I even pulled the article out of the paper to save for future reference.

    BarbaraJune 18th, 2016  1:26 PM

  • Not to rain on the cook’s parade, but rather than proclaim formal dining passé or ‘over,’ it might have been better to offer outdoor dining as a wonderful new option given all of the outdoor kitchen equipment. Certainly there will always be a place for a lovely seated dinner in the dining room, with heirloom china, silver, etc.–all those accruements which connect us to our past, our western culture, and often to our loved ones. It’s sort of like proclaiming a formal wedding passé–and try telling couture gown designers that all that formality is passé ~ : )

    PaulaJune 18th, 2016  4:57 PM

  • Oh I love this, the story and images got my crestiv juices flowing so thank you!

    SueMJune 19th, 2016  5:47 PM

  • I love this so much, and although I don’t fault anyone else for entertaining more formally, I prefer to entertain and attend more casual dinners. Crisps and cobblers are my favorite desserts and her recipe looks great – I’d add in peaches to the berries. We call it People Berry Crisp at our house!

    KathyJune 19th, 2016  8:31 PM


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