July 8th, 2016
British Vogue

Lists & Tips

I love nothing more than a good list, and a list of styling tips is even better. Tucking a turtleneck under a summer dress is something I will try this fall. Thank you, British Vogue.


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Quant leopard-print calf hair ankle boots


Kellen ribbed cotton-blend tunic


Brixton horsebit-detailed leather collapsible-heel loafers


Emma shirtdress


Eva silk crepe de chine blouse


Linen-blend culottes


Crossover velvet flatform sandals


GV3 small textured-leather and suede shoulder bag


Almeria leather wedge espadrilles


Patch-pocket cotton coat


Bilbao mini tote


Ginger embellished two-tone textured-leather pumps

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  • I want to see the rest of the list! Is it online?

    LindseyJuly 8th, 2016  1:57 PM

  • Would like to see the Vogue list.
    But I have to disagree with the above cashmere under a summer dress it’s NO from me… personally I think the above looks (turtlenecks under summer dresses) are ridiculous.

    CelesteJuly 8th, 2016  6:17 PM

  • I agree with Celeste.
    It looks lumpy and uncomfortable to me…the return of Grunge!

    BeccaJuly 9th, 2016  5:03 AM

  • I think this only looks good in pictures.

    JoannaWnycJuly 9th, 2016  7:47 AM

  • I’m sure there are some dresses that would look great with a sweater layered under, but I agree with Celeste and Becca that these two look silly. I do love the idea of layering though and will look at the dresses I own to see if I can throw a t or thin sweater under.

    Paula BJuly 9th, 2016  7:47 AM

  • With all due respect for differing styles and opinions, I’m baffled by the above looks. When crisper fall days arrive, I’m ready to move on to the new season – either with a new purchase or by bringing out old favorites. Pairing a filmy dress with a turtleneck is not a look I’ll be adopting.

    AliJuly 9th, 2016  9:27 AM

  • Funny, I spotted this look recently, possibly in Porter magazine, not sure now, but I took note because I liked it and thought this is a styling trick worth trying. Then I saw your post…and here now the mixed reviews. The look on the left is a winner in my opinion, but the look on the right does nothing for me. I think it’s the silhouette and texture possibilities that give this look potential. In particular, the look on the left exudes that French style of throwing pieces together and somehow pulling it off that I am always aspiring to. Also, like another reviewer, my reality is that pulling out old pieces for the new season is my likely response, I can also appreciate not wanting to let summer go.

    KWJuly 10th, 2016  6:25 AM

  • Living in Los Angeles, it’s easy to wear cashmere sweaters with white jeans or over a white t-shirt. We are always layering as it cools down in the evening. It’s easy to look “well thrown together” if you keep it simple.
    These looks, IMHO, for runway only.

    AngelaJuly 10th, 2016  3:32 PM

  • I like this new layering

    That's Not My AgeJuly 11th, 2016  1:59 PM


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