September 18th, 2016
Street style

Updated Run-Around

Lauren Santo Domingo, snapped at LFW, certainly knows how to update the simple pairing of a sweater (and here) with jeans—it’s all in the details.

Image © Phil Oh for Vogue


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Quartz earrings


Velvet dress


Suede loafers


Shirt dress


Navy ribbed sweater


Raw jean


Navy sede pumps




Embroidered top






Tie-back sweater

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  • I’ve never seen a bad picture of her!! What an amazing wardrobe! Can you imagine her closet?!

    Paula BSeptember 18th, 2016  8:59 AM

  • It looks like she’s wearing forest green velvet boots, which I love.

    KathySeptember 18th, 2016  9:44 AM

  • I thought it was very hot at NYFW? She occupies another universe from the rest of us. In every way.

    Jill, GlasgowSeptember 18th, 2016  4:13 PM

  • LSD is at London Fashion Week in this picture.

    PrestonSeptember 18th, 2016  5:08 PM

  • Most respectfully,
    When only comments included are those agreeing that LSD is fabulous, it presents a rather distorted viewpoint. If chicness embodies the whole person, not just the clothes on a woman’s back, then is it not fair to assess the person aside from her wardrobe? Not unkindly and certainly no piling on, but just fair observations?

    PaulaSeptember 19th, 2016  4:16 PM

  • Respectfully, Paula, you didn’t see the ones that I didn’t allow. The piling on became cruel and shallow. Many were unkind and not appropriate for KiC. So, I shut down the thread.

    It’s probably time to shut off the comments altogether.

    PrestonSeptember 19th, 2016  4:37 PM

  • I agree that harsh, cruel, or otherwise snarky comments are never appropriate. For me, I find your readers’ comments insightful and almost always worthwhile. I would miss that aspect of your blog.

    PaulaSeptember 19th, 2016  6:31 PM

  • Saw the sweater on the Browns website. I think she has worn it in a beautiful way with the blue shirt underneath. Tempted to buy it after seeing it on her!

    MMSSeptember 20th, 2016  2:58 AM

  • I am looking for cropped frayed flared jeans but because I am not that tall (169cm) they all look like slightly too short flared jeans. Anyone had success ?

    AntoinetteSeptember 20th, 2016  7:40 AM

  • Can anyone ID her jeans? I cannot find a wide leg crop that’s flattering enough. These seem pretty perfect.

    JulieSeptember 20th, 2016  8:30 AM

  • I love LSD. And those jeans on her are fabulous! They look like Marcus Almeida.

    TracySeptember 20th, 2016  3:18 PM

  • I’m confused. Is it suddenly inappropriate to comment that a woman has a lovely wardrobe? I know nothing else about her but the photos I see and I had no idea this was controversial.

    Paula BSeptember 21st, 2016  2:57 PM


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