December 20th, 2016
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The Classic Wrist

A gold bangle, a long-ago gift from my sister, is my everyday amulet–I’m convinced that it protects me. But, after drooling over a number of insanely beautiful vintage link bracelets at a Christmas fair, I was determined to find a gold rope. Into a box of jewelry from Mother I went, and ta da!

Here’s a nice Tiffany rope bracelet on The Real Real.

Works with a double wrap band, too.


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  • Love that one bracelet is from your sister, the other from your mom. It’s a very good look too.

    KathyDecember 20th, 2016  10:23 AM

  • Preston,
    Do you think bracelets and watch should be on the same arm, or is it just a personal preference?
    Thank you ~

    SarahDecember 20th, 2016  10:39 AM

  • Love wearing classic yellow gold jewelry. thanks, B

    Betsy AmesDecember 20th, 2016  10:44 AM

  • Beautiful post. Jewelry has been a joy and protection for as far back as our memories will take us.

    SueMDecember 20th, 2016  10:49 AM

  • I don’t know who! Whose arm is that? Great look.

    EllaDecember 20th, 2016  11:02 AM

  • The picture is of Ethel Kennedy.
    I like to stack everything on one arm, but it’s a personal preference.

    PrestonDecember 20th, 2016  11:04 AM

  • Nice post!

    Martha ElenaDecember 20th, 2016  11:52 AM

  • Love your gold bracelets with your Apple Watch. Is your watch gold tone? Always enjoy your posts.

    SarahDecember 20th, 2016  1:59 PM

  • Love…….❤️

    MaryDecember 20th, 2016  3:02 PM

  • I had no idea whose arm either but enjoyed scrolling through Mark’s site anyway!

    disneyrollergirlDecember 20th, 2016  3:48 PM

  • my grandfather gave my grandmother a gorgeous collection of gold tiffany link bracelets, and you always knew when she was nearby because you could hear her bracelets moving on her wrist. She died two years before our wedding, and one of my most treasured pieces is the gold Tiffany bracelet-inspired by my grandparents- that my parents gave me as a wedding present. I wear it everyday.

    bllDecember 20th, 2016  4:13 PM

  • Such an intimate photograph!

    TriciaDecember 20th, 2016  7:22 PM

  • This is beautiful! I can’t say enough about how much I love this!

    TracyDecember 20th, 2016  8:41 PM

  • Sorry disneyrollergirl, I thought I’d seen the pic on MDS’ site, but I’m glad you went and perused his blog- he’s a dear friend of mine. I actually saw it on Hey Woman!, it’s from a show that’s currently up in Berlin. See below:

    The exhibition “The Kennedys” will take place from December 3rd until January 14th at CAMERA WORK on Kantstraße 149, 10623 Berlin.

    PrestonDecember 21st, 2016  8:33 AM

  • I love this post too.❤

    LeeDecember 22nd, 2016  12:14 AM

  • I love everything except that big black screen on your wrist . . . sorry, I can’t get behind wearing an electronic. Ear buds at the gym is the exception.
    The photo is charming!!

    PaulaDecember 22nd, 2016  2:14 AM

  • In high school I wore an armful of silver bracelets. Now I wear 3 gold bangles, one for each of my children with their name engraved on the outside and birthday on the inside. I rarely take them off. For my birthday this year my family gave me gold chain with 5 disks–on one side is a nickname and the other side is one word that child thinks of when they think of me. I can wear it as a necklace or as a bracelet. A friend joked that I’m wearing the Mr. T starter collection on my wrist!

    DawnDecember 22nd, 2016  9:37 AM

  • Since I know you both, I too have been gifting family treasures to my daughter and daughter-in-law. It reminds me of what comes around goes around….the old becomes the new new!!!

    Caryl DearingDecember 24th, 2016  9:37 AM


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