January 2nd, 2011

In with the new

But I am not tossing out the old.  2010 was a good year because ideas turned into projects and hopes were fulfilled.

To Find Balance

This is the year I am going to turn a hobby into a business and I also want to start casting again.

Four years ago I was in Qatar speaking on fashion show casting when I decided to pause my career and spend more time with my girls. Without my work I threw myself into family life with gusto, possibly to a fault. Even though my children’s accomplishments became a substitute for my own I felt I was doing the right thing. But now I am not so sure and at times I feel I am doing more harm than good. Granted I was traveling a lot for shows and castings, but not working at all is not good for me (and especially my patient family) either. Balance is the key and my main pursuit in 2011.


what's new


Gucci Horsebit 1955 mini bag


Gavi crossover-strap leather slides


Wool-blend cardigan


Le Maillon leather sandals


Suzanne mini leather cross-body bag


Jota chain-embellished leather sandals


Broderie-cotton maxi skirt


Single-breasted hooded raincoat


Leather sandals


Flower brooch


Le Maillon leather shoulder bag


Aviator-style gold-tone and acetate sunglasses

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  • Finding the perfect work/mothering balance is tricky to say the least…speaking as someone who completely neglected a career while raising four children I am glad I was able to be there for my brood but it came at a personal cost to me… I believe the wiser choice is to always keep your hand in something meaningful to you whether it is working, volunteering, etc….better for you and your family!!

    mary bethJanuary 2nd, 2011  10:21 AM

  • I also speak as someone whose fast track career came to a screeching halt while I raised 4 kids. I became an over-qualified, Type A volunteer in their lives. I believe it was the right choice for me at the time, but my kids (all good) often questioned it. So, yes, balance is key. Bravo for you and your resolution!

    laurenJanuary 2nd, 2011  12:30 PM

  • Although i love your blog I think you should go back to work!! when you are really good at something it is hard to give it up. -your agent

    joeJanuary 2nd, 2011  1:00 PM

  • Balance is so hard yet so important. I have 7 children and a clothing line. There are times when the creative energy that I get from work makes me a better mom. there are some days when I feel like a big failure at both. I look foreword to following your journey on your blog!

    kayce hughesJanuary 2nd, 2011  8:00 PM

  • I couldn’t agree more about having a balanced work and family life. A working mother sets a good example for her children, especially girls. It’s hard not to overdo it, though. Thank you for saying what so many other people will not!

    Hollye JacobsJanuary 21st, 2011  11:53 AM

  • […] month I don’t have a real To Do list. But I do have an ongoing project. Preston wrote in her January To Do List how she wanted to find a better balance in her life. Last month I started taking on more consulting […]

    Jennifer’s February To Do List | Keep It ChicFebruary 2nd, 2011  8:27 PM


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