March 13th, 2011

Age Appropriate Dressing

Julia and Carine Roitfeld

The April issue of Town & Country has a story entitled If the Clothes Fit, Should you Wear Them? The basic premise is just because you fit into your teenager’s clothes does not mean you should wear them. Recently the line between what we and our daughters wear has blurred. And with Pilates, Botox and whatever the lines blur even more (no pun intended). I have never been one to try to look younger and I never lie about my age but I had a wake-up call when I was newly 40, had long blonde hair and killer heels and a young man came up behind me on the street and when he turned to look back at my face he was visibly disappointed that I was not 25. I often joke that I see young girls with long hair and matching jeans and wedges shopping together at Bergdorf’s only to realize that they are mother and daughter.

In the T&C article Amanda Ross (a KiC Style Setter) and Jennifer Creel (one of our upcoming Style Setters) give good advice on how to avoid the pitfalls of too youthful clothing choices. We all believe that fashion looks good on women of all ages; it is how we wear things and how much we show that matters. Length and fit become the real issue. Amanda even goes so far to suggest that “every 5 years, cover up 10% more of your body”. It is not about sacrificing style but knowing when the skirt should no longer be a mini.

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  • This is an amazing post!!! As a lover of all things fashion, the one thing I have always believed in was dressing for your age. Don’t get me wrong, if you are 40 years old, with an amazing body, you should flaunt it, you worked for it. However, it shouldn’t be shown off in a mini skirt. A classic pencil skirt will show off that great body and you will look 10x more stylish!

    Jamie HerzlingerJune 8th, 2012  6:36 PM

  • This is a most interesting post. It’s quite a problem out there. My feeling is that while a woman should forget about looking younger than her years, she should always go for “youthful.” “Youthful” means you can be eighty years old, wearing the great earrings, a crisp man tailored white shirt, an arm full of pretty bracelets from your extensive collection ( the more years we have, the better our collections of stuff ), a colorful peasant skirt and the great pair of sandals. “Youthful” is a way of thinking, a state of mind, a certain approach to living. It means being a little seductive, a little flirtatious and a little mysterious in your dealings with the world at large. “Young” is a matter of looks. “Youthful” is a matter of being. “Youthful” is a triumph over time. The lovely face can be lined, the hair salt and pepper, but if the eyes shine with humor and kindness-be assured – beautiful youth is there!

    JamesJuly 12th, 2013  9:51 AM


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