July 14th, 2011

In a clutch (or what’s not)


Louis Vuitton clutch


It is certainly still the bag of the moment. I even see women tucking bags with shoulder straps under their arm simulating the look. I have an adorable navy Celine which sits in my closet most days. And why is that?

The reality is, I am not a bag swapper. But the bigger issue is size. Obviously I cannot fit everything I think I need into a clutch so I take the essentials. However, I often find an essential missing. My wallet does not fit into my clutch and this is the most bothersome of all.

My wallet does fit into the Vuitton version above, but not much else. I can’t decide if I should try again or just buck the clutch trend and wait for the return of the BIG bag.

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  • Hi –
    I am with you I love the look but like having my “stuff” so I let others enjoy!

    LISA O.July 14th, 2011  8:48 AM

  • I do trade off occasionally and a small bag does have its time and place (ie. out to dinner). I love the look of the clutch and own some great ones. But alack, alas, the practicality of a strap wins out time after time. In my urban world I need the security and the freedom that the strap provides.
    In essence, when in a ‘clutch’ I’d rather be strapped.

    Anne Dee GoldinJuly 14th, 2011  8:59 AM

  • First of all, I love your blog. It’s one of the only ones I subscribe to in this noisy world of ours. Secondly, I am also bucking the big bag trend. Between wallet, lip gloss, phone, and the real killer–glasses–whenever I try to carry a smaller bag it looks like an overstuffed sausage. (Oh, and hi Anne Dee! Funny to see you here!)

    Dani ShapiroJuly 14th, 2011  9:31 AM

  • RETURN of the Big Bag?? I never knew it left – clutch is fine for a formal affair – lipstick & keys – but even for lunch, the clutch just cant handle our lives

    Lisa EastmanJuly 14th, 2011  9:36 AM

  • “Big Bag” is great in all it carries our stuff too! But the clutch is cool and classic and can one not find it liberating carrying around so much…! As for straps, nothing more chic than a Chanel with the chain doubled up over the shoulder. Leave your “Big Bags” for the weekends and your change of clothes….!

    Jeffrey T.July 14th, 2011  10:52 AM

  • i like the clutch IN the bag combo. or this fold-over with strap option from clare vivier: http://seevivier.com/sac_bretelle.htm , then put that in the big bag. bags in bags, that’s the way to go…

    agnesJuly 14th, 2011  11:12 AM

  • This bag is a mess, only for label obsessed. NOTHING attractive or appealing about it, and certainly not useful For fashion victims exclusively.

    imperio jpJuly 14th, 2011  11:34 AM

  • I have been using my Balenciaga flat clutch as an everyday bag. I love it so much, that I am starting to collect more of them. I like the unfussyness of clutches. I can very easily fit my big wallet, keys, gloss and glasses in my clutch, without it looking stuffed and busting out of the seems.
    That said a big celine luggage tote is a great everyday bag, too. And equally chic.

    ameeJuly 18th, 2011  10:06 AM

  • Form must always follow function. Like Ines de la fressange once said, “Fashion is here to serve us not us it.”

    I would never buy a bag or shoes because they were the “it” thing. I buy things because I love them and I can’t stop thinking about them but ultimately they have to serve a purpose.

    That’s the difference between people who follow fashion and people who have style.

    alanna wJuly 31st, 2011  7:10 AM

  • First of all, I Love, love those ongare boots in the first pic. HOT! I love he D&G striped satchel. so cute! Great, NOW I am going to want it, and want it until I find a way to get it! Thanks…. : )

    FugaFebruary 23rd, 2012  8:06 AM

  • one of my dear friends only carried a tiny wallet that held a lip stick, money, liciense and one credit card.
    she said what more do I need….
    that was all before cell phones. I do live the simplicity of a clutch.

    pveFebruary 24th, 2012  12:19 PM


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