December 8th, 2011

The extra effort

Lee Radziwill

The Saturday after Thanksgiving our dear friends hosted a casual dinner that boasted no turkey. The group invited consisted of couples, singles, partners- some we have known forever and a few just met. The food was delicious, the wine plentiful and everyone was relieved the holiday was over.

The conversation flitted from funny survival stories of visiting relatives to how to navigate the upcoming Art Basel Miami. I looked around the table at the relaxed group and was impressed by one woman in particular. Most of us were in jeans and sweaters or a nice blouse but my friend had put in a little extra effort. It really struck me that even just lipstick can be a game changer. My friend shone compared to the rest of us. She was not in leopard Louboutins or a statement piece. Her hair was not “done” but it looked tended. She looked put together.

I was reminded that it does not take much and often less is best. Groomed and pretty trumps overtly sexy and elevates every look this holiday season.

Karen Graham

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  • so well said!

    kayce hughesDecember 8th, 2011  12:24 AM

  • How do we get American women to buy into the idea that less is more?

    elizabeth foxDecember 8th, 2011  1:05 AM

  • Less is best & looking effortlessly stylish is something I aspire to.

    That's Not My AgeDecember 8th, 2011  7:07 AM

  • Perfectly put and welcome reminder!

    angelaDecember 8th, 2011  8:19 AM

  • I think simple classic elegance can also be sexy!

    AllisonDecember 8th, 2011  9:09 AM

  • Wondering what she was wearing to look so effortlessly put together?!?

    LindleyDecember 8th, 2011  9:42 AM

  • Hear, hear! Couldn’t agree more.
    Love your blog, especially “Style Setters”!

    Connie J.

    Connie JDecember 8th, 2011  9:55 AM

  • “Groomed and pretty trumps overtly sexy and elevates every look this holiday season.”

    Can you please go around to college campuses and remind our daughters that this is SO TRUE when it comes to dressing up? Less is not necessarily more.

    MargoDecember 8th, 2011  10:50 AM

  • So do tell! What was she wearing that made her look a little more special? All you mentioned was the lipstick! Not satisfied; need to know more!!!!

    DLSDecember 8th, 2011  9:33 PM

  • Full disclosure, my friend is gorgeous. She wore her dark, well cut hair pulled off her face with a simple headband, black wrap dress, gold earrings and lipstick. She is also a kind and upbeat person which adds to her beauty.

    PrestonDecember 9th, 2011  10:01 AM

  • I’m a sixty year old gentleman and a big word in my youth to describe a well turned out young woman was “demure.” Today’s young women have to learn (many of them already know) that modesty in dress can be very sexy and alluring. Then there are the times to pull out all the stops and show the lovely décolletage, the curves, a little more skin. Just know when. The constant accent on “sexy” actually creates an affect that is anything but. And please, young women, stop coloring your hair. Nothing is lovelier than your natural color when you’re young. The timeless look of a head of gleaming, shining, youthful tresses is incomparable to any other look.

    jamesJuly 24th, 2013  11:41 AM


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