August 9th, 2012

The return of the classic scarf

Celine Fall 2012 Leather scarf courtesy of

Many of my friends will be surprised to hear that the scarf is making a fashion return. To them, it never went out of style. Personally, I have a love/hate relationship with the traditional printed silk scarf. I love them in theory, but feel they age me. It reminds me of Jennifer’s post Am I too old?. The classic scarf is a staple of my mother’s generation and a way for women to “add a dash of color”. I have a vast collection of Hermes scarves that have sat unworn for years. I tried them as belts with white jeans, knotted into halters, and tied them to my handbag. But around my neck, or worse, on my head a la Jackie, has been a no go. So, I have given several away.

However, leave it to Phoebe Philo of Celine to bring the scarf back into the fore for Fall. The Celine version is leather, which certainly makes it more interesting. Will I go there? Maybe. Somehow, Phoebe makes everything chic and I am willing to try again.

Celine Fall 2012 leather scarf courtesy of

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  • Oh I’ve dumped all but one of my Hermes scarves, and I never wear that one either; I just love its colours, they make me feel so over the hill and stuffy.

    Tabitha@Bourbon&Pearls.August 9th, 2012  12:17 PM

  • When you get to be “older” you’ll wish you had the scarves.

    valentineAugust 9th, 2012  1:08 PM

  • I’m 48 – maybe when I’m 65!

    tabitha@Bourbon&Pearls.August 9th, 2012  1:28 PM

  • I don’t think even Phoebe can make them work, especially with structured minimalist clothing.

    EABAugust 9th, 2012  2:04 PM

  • I’m feeling inspired – the Celine models looks so chic; maybe I’ll pull out the Hermes scarves I still have and give it a go again too!

    CatAugust 9th, 2012  2:09 PM

  • You will be astounded to one day discover how much you adore silk scarves, pearls and gold jewelry. But feel free to send your unwanted Hermes scarves my way if you don’t believe me!

    BetsyAugust 9th, 2012  3:15 PM

  • I own over a hundred Wathne, Hermes, St.Laurent,and vtg. 192O’s on up scarves. I love my vintage scarves,and collection of handbags, dressmaker suits and estate jewelry. I admit I am less inclined these days to move beyond my casual, comfortable and most importantly, washable, wardrobe. But I do love personalizing a vtg. Wathne silk knit twinset with a rolled scarf tucked into the neckline. Worn with Herrera slim fit pants, or more casually with riding pants, its a glamorous, yet easy look.

    PollyAugust 9th, 2012  3:40 PM

  • Silk scarves have always been a classic- at Celine they look fresh and new- it all depends on how you style it- and wear it!

    JillAugust 9th, 2012  3:48 PM

  • Oh polly, that sounds faabulous!

    DisneyrollergirlAugust 9th, 2012  4:17 PM

  • “Worn …casually with riding pants, it’s a glamorous, yet easy look.”
    I agree.

    Betty DraperAugust 9th, 2012  4:19 PM

  • Oh Preston, I will be so happy to take any unwanted Hermes scarves off your hands!

    Jill815August 9th, 2012  4:31 PM

  • I am definitely on the hunt for classic silk scarves. In the past they seemed old lady-ish, but now that I am an old lady I’m glad they’re making such a huge comeback!

    Lauren@StyleseerAugust 9th, 2012  5:35 PM

  • leather, silk or a diamond encrusted scarf – not going there!

    Lisa EastmanAugust 9th, 2012  7:46 PM

  • I think Lisa would look so chic in a saddle color leather scarf! XoJ

    Jamie TurquieAugust 9th, 2012  8:00 PM

  • Phoebe Philo can make anything look wearable – but I still won’t be wearing a classic ‘mum’ scarf because as you rightly point out: it’s ageing.

    That's Not My AgeAugust 10th, 2012  5:36 AM

  • According to my son I am already an old lady, but I think the problem is not the fabric or colors of silk scarves, but the shape. I think it’s hard to make a square scarf look modern. An oblong one, however, is more modern and versatile.

    AggieKAugust 10th, 2012  11:12 AM

  • I first fell in love with Hermes scarves on a trip several years ago to St. Barth’s. A woman moved through the airport wearing one wrapped around her head ala ‘Aunt Jemima’. It was so casual and decadent all at once, and made her look young and

    MistressChristinaAugust 15th, 2012  11:55 AM

  • Where can I find out more about Wathne scarves? Thanks so much to anyone who can help.

    beverly williamsSeptember 7th, 2012  3:50 PM

  • Wathne scarves went out of production over 10 years ago. There are always a few available on eBay, albeit at a very high price.

    John LSeptember 10th, 2012  11:59 AM

  • I know I’m extremely late, but in case anyone comes across this later, I don’t like all this talk about scarves being only for old ladies. I’m 24 (and many tell me if I weren’t so tall, I’d look 16) and have been wearing silk scarves since I was 18. I just think they’re so elegant and jazz up a simple outfit. If you love them and can pull it off, go for it!

    AlissaNovember 14th, 2012  1:02 AM

  • Love your blog by the way.

    I used to just get hand me down scarves from my mum but now I wear them quite often. It feels lovely and actually is really useful.

    You should ask for the Hermes scarves cards, they have really great ideas.

    Coulda shoulda wouldaJanuary 6th, 2013  11:21 AM


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