October 3rd, 2012
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Isabel Marant dress © style.com

Spring collections are always a bit confusing to me. It’s partly because I live in NY where it is cold until April and then super hot. We rarely have an extended period of 50° days to wear spring suits, peplumed this and that, etc. So I scour this round of shows for summery warm-weather pieces. This is probably why I buy so much from Resort. But I digress. The above tunic dress and white dress below, both by Isabel Marant, are on my spring list.

Isabel Marant © style.com

© fashionologie.com

Sadly, my beloved snake clutch, a gift from Jennifer (from her eponymous handbag collection), has yellowed and needs to be replaced. Not sure if I want a simple zip pouch like the one above, or a dressier version like the Valentino below.

Valentino snake clutch © style.com

Valentino dress © style.com

Last summer I really wanted a white lace dress and didn’t get one. This one, by Valentino, is gorgeous, but not quite what I had in mind. Had to put it in anyway.

© ALL THE PRETTY BIRDS by Tamu McPherson

Love the uptown/downtown vibe of this outfit-  the trainers are the best part of the look!

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Roll-neck cable-knit wool-blend sweater


Viviane wool turtleneck sweater


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Slanted-cuff leather knee-high boots


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Textured-knit tights


Oversized hooded cable-knit wool and mohair-blend cardigan


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Aiden sleeveless cashmere top


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Oversized cashmere knit top


Wool-blend turtleneck vest

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  • You have to go Valentino!! Love it! Also am smiling about the Isabel Murant…great choice!

    SheriOctober 3rd, 2012  11:35 AM

  • Go for the dressier one. 🙂

    Kelly DowhanOctober 3rd, 2012  1:02 PM

  • i’d love to see the valentino white lace dress as a shorter version, say just a little above the knee. So much more wearable. I love the valentino clutch, so versatile. I’m sure the price is enough to turn you right off it!

    AngelineOctober 3rd, 2012  2:14 PM

  • I love the Murant white dress and the long white Valentino. I really like seeing dresses that are just pretty and feminine in styles that can be worn by many women, regardless of age. I’m glad to see the less revealing dresses coming back for regular wear. They are simply more wearable. The Valentino snake clutch hands down!

    AprilOctober 3rd, 2012  2:34 PM

  • Love the Isabel Marant dresses! Specially the first one!

    AnaOctober 3rd, 2012  3:17 PM

  • The Valentino dress is fantastic, no surprise there. The Murant dresses look far too short. I was a model , am tall and still, thankfully thin, but hate short short dresses. Knees are just not the greatest asset and the proportions are cut in an unflattering way at that length, no matter who you are. It is alright for 15, 16 year olds.


    DianneOctober 3rd, 2012  4:15 PM

  • The Murant dresses are very short. Would it look good with leggings underneath it?

    EllenOctober 3rd, 2012  5:44 PM

  • love the M arant, the print is fantastic, but that model is doing nothing for it; hate to be critical of another woman, but she’s almost gaunt, and her quads are distracting; wanted to post the picture myself, but I can’t endorse that level of skinniness; still – love Isabel Marant

    lisaOctober 3rd, 2012  8:56 PM

  • I wondered what a couple others mentioned…aren’t the Marant dresses too short for anyone over 25??

    amilOctober 3rd, 2012  10:10 PM

  • Love the Murant dresses probably won’t be as short on someone 5’5″.

    Valentino clutch, no question!

    ElizabethOctober 3rd, 2012  10:17 PM

  • The dresses will be a bit longer when produced for the stores. I too am 5’5″ and they are short, but not obscenely so.

    PrestonOctober 4th, 2012  10:44 AM


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