October 12th, 2012

Copy cat

Photo © TOMBOY style.com by Lizzie Garrett

You know when you hear about something a number of times from different sources and it starts to stick in your head? This happened to me recently, and the “something” is a pair of Tretorn sneakers. The plain, white on white, all-canvas style. But, let me back up first.

It really started with my Superga sneakers that are sadly, not very comfortable. I think they are too narrow and I can no longer justify bandaids just so I can wear them. The retro, European styling is what got me to try the Superga, but in the end, comfort trumped looks and they have been shelved. When I started to look for new sneakers (I am not talking marathon-worthy or super tricked-out athletic) I realized that I still want a pair to wear running around doing errands in lieu of ballet flats or loafers.

The classic Tretorn has been on my radar to re-try. I grew up in Boston and they were the de rigueur shoe of my childhood. So, when KiC L.A. photographer, Agnes Baddoo, emailed me the above post from one of our favorite blogs, Tomboy Style by Lizzie Garrett, I knew it was a sign.  I may even copy Lizzie on the cool laces.

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What's New


Park small grained-leather shoulder bag


Silvia silk-twill scarf


Logo-embellished leather loafers


Crocheted Cotton-Blend Midi Skirt


Inca straw bucket hat


Cropped crocheted cotton-blend wide-leg pants


Amuko leather-trimmed suede tote


Crochet-knit cashmere, wool and silk-blend mini dress


Braided leather bangle


Delcie tie-detailed ramie midi dress


Gate knotted leather slippers


Postcard fringed crocheted straw bucket hat


Solitaire swimsuit


Santos de Cartier metal shield sunglasses


Small raffia bucket bag


Double-breasted virgin wool coat

  • Tretorn is an American Classic, like Keds.

    AnitaOctober 12th, 2012  1:07 PM

  • Another reason I love Tretorn is that I can buy their men’s sneaks (I am a size 11 w.) and they don’t look like men’s!!. Love Tretorn.

    DavidaOctober 12th, 2012  2:26 PM

  • I’ve always loved Tretorns. They are ode to preppydom. I used to play tennis in them, not such a good idea orthopedically speaking. Suede Tretorns in preppy colors are my favorites.

    RonicaOctober 12th, 2012  2:27 PM

  • I knew this was my favorite style blog for a reason! I have never left my classic Swedish! Tretorns behind.
    I have bought a new pair every year since I was 14, waaaayyy back when. I love my white on white but just bought a pair of green with a pink detail. Needed to indulge my inner preppy. I have had my fair share of Supergas, as well, however ; )

    As a side note, not really loving the return of the Sperry. I’ll stick to my vintage leather L.L Bean Mocs. They only get better with wear!

    courttrentOctober 12th, 2012  2:50 PM

  • I have owned a pair of those Tretorn’s for several years. Mine are the white canvas with blue trim. I like them, but I think I might have bought them a tad short, or the front of the shoe is a bit too low for me. In any event, you might want to go 1/2 size up from your normal size with that style. I, too, have a soft spot for classic sneakers.

    AprilOctober 12th, 2012  3:40 PM

  • How do you feel about Converse (speaking of classics)? We just returned from a trip to France, and they were rampant everywhere!!! I fell in love with a beautiful all suede version that a French woman on the plane had on…with suede shoelaces!!! She told me they were super comfortable!!!

    SheriOctober 12th, 2012  4:05 PM

  • We grew up with them in the south too, but they had to be white leather. Canvas didn’t work because they got too grubby with the red soil.

    ElleOctober 12th, 2012  4:10 PM

  • Very cool! The laces are great on it!

    AnaOctober 12th, 2012  4:28 PM

  • Tretorns brings me back to high school memories. We loved them in every colour. But these are super comfortable shoes. Tretorn has a store there in Soho NYC. The kids Tretorn are so cute too.

    PamelaOctober 12th, 2012  4:52 PM

  • I feel the same way about Supergas, love the way they look but they are not comfortable. Tretorns are like butter though! Thanks for the re-post!

    Tomboy Style

    LizzieOctober 12th, 2012  7:38 PM

  • I have collected these for years! I buy new ones off ebay.

    CeceOctober 13th, 2012  11:45 AM

  • Funny…my Supergas are very comfy! I also have a pair that is a half size too big…but they may fit with socks, so I’ll keep them

    I found them to run big!

    bisbeeOctober 14th, 2012  8:37 PM

  • Ever since superga became a Steve Madden company the quality seems to have changed for the worse.

    AOctober 14th, 2012  9:57 PM

  • I, too, think that my supergas are very confortable. I can walk around for hours in them. It is more a matter of foot shape and individual fit than the shoes themselves.

    mariaOctober 15th, 2012  4:47 AM


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