October 28th, 2012

Stormy weather

It’s great to live on the water, until you have a hurricane bearing down on you. We are about 50′ from the high tide line and a tidal surge would put the bay smack in our kitchen. I am trying to be zen.  The dogs went to the kennel in case we need to evacuate, I am taking whatever I can upstairs, and the cars will be at the top of the hill. My husband is making donuts and I am keeping the corkscrew out where I can see it.

My thoughts are with all of my readers who are in Sandy’s path. NYC is due the brunt on Monday night so I have scheduled a post for Tuesday and after that, it may be a few days. We’ll see.



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  • Good luck Preston – fingers crossed for all of us – that
    the weather reports are exaggerated to keep us prepared!!

    angieOctober 28th, 2012  1:03 PM

  • We’re all with you all in the tri-state area. Hang on to your skirts ladies!

    JanOctober 28th, 2012  2:07 PM

  • Winds are starting to pick up down here in Virginia – due to hit here later tonight, so cooking a pot of beef stew now and getting the rainboots ready. Stay safe!

    CatOctober 28th, 2012  2:23 PM

  • Sending prayers and positive energy to those in Sandy’s path….and keep the corkscrew handy!

    SheriOctober 28th, 2012  2:23 PM

  • Stay safe.
    I’m with you

    IwonaOctober 28th, 2012  2:52 PM

  • So with you re the corkscrew. School is already canceled for NYC for Monday, the kids are so excited, and I’m happy to have a morning to sleep in. Stay safe.

    JillOctober 28th, 2012  3:35 PM

  • thinking of you..shouldn’t be too bad up here in Washington County NY but we all know that Sandy can change her mind and head further north!
    I am sending all good thoughts to you!!! Stay safe!
    Get those Wellies out!

    LeahOctober 28th, 2012  3:39 PM

  • In Connecticut we are also getting storm ready. After last October’s freak ice storm and the 10 day power outage that followed, no one is casual about stormy weather anymore. Stay safe!

    AprilOctober 28th, 2012  3:46 PM

  • Good luck to you….and me. I am in NJ awaiting the storm too 🙂

    stephanieOctober 28th, 2012  3:54 PM

  • Good luck everyone! We are just outside of Annapolis. Sand bags in place, pool pump ready, food prepared and I have a list of to do projects to keep me busy… And remembered to buy the kids a new x-box game to pro-long my sanity. Be safe and I hope we all have Internet next week to enjoy more posts…peace!!

    Amy RichardsonOctober 28th, 2012  4:43 PM

  • Good luck. Hope you are all safe and dry through the coming week.

    From the chilly but dry Midwest,

    ElizabethOctober 28th, 2012  5:32 PM

  • Good luck from Puerto Rico! We live under hurricane threat from June to early November…..not fun!

    MatildeOctober 28th, 2012  5:56 PM

  • lots of prayers from the west coast

    shariOctober 28th, 2012  6:17 PM

  • Hope everyone on the East Coast stays safe! Our families are there.
    We are in the middle of World Series Fever.
    Go Giants!!!
    From San Francisco

    PamelaOctober 28th, 2012  6:34 PM

  • Be safe you can always come over to us!! Xoxo

    JamieOctober 28th, 2012  8:05 PM

  • Late to see this post, hope all is well with you and everyone in the path.

    SueMOctober 28th, 2012  9:02 PM

  • be safe.

    MegOctober 29th, 2012  1:52 AM

  • Hope you’re doing OK

    Karen x

    Karen TomsOctober 29th, 2012  2:52 AM

  • Good luck. I live in Nova Scotia; we are expecting to get some as well.

    KathrynOctober 29th, 2012  6:30 AM

  • Best of luck to you and your family!

    Lisa StevensOctober 29th, 2012  9:20 PM

  • I hope everything has turned up ok for everyone near Sandy’s path! Best wishes

    CarlaOctober 30th, 2012  10:12 PM

  • what a crazy week – across the sound from you in fairfield county… too much water! puts everything in perspective as we see the aftermath in New Jersey and parts of new york…. enjoy dreaming about vacation wear!

    betsyNovember 5th, 2012  8:37 PM


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