November 20th, 2012

In the center

Jessica Miller by Richard Burbridge © T magazine

The center part took center stage at the Spring shows. For the past five years I have worn my hair parted down the middle and it suits me.  It’s such an easy and timeless style.

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Bianca leather sandals


Floral lace tights


Wool coat with Logo buttons


Nanette shearling-trimmed leather ankle boots


Wool coat with logo buttons


Mid-heel pump with horsebit


Belted jacket coat


Lennox Hiker


New Standard skinny jeans


Heavy cotton poplin trench coat


Sleeveless organza dress


Belted raincoat

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  • I’m a centre part fan too but everyone keeps telling me to get rid of it – no one knows of the Frankenstein sharp angles of my forehead which lurk hidden in the corners.

    tabithaNovember 20th, 2012  4:15 AM

  • The center part will always be reminiscent of the 70s to me. Can’t help it – very Love Story. I agree it has a simplicity which is very appealing with long, straight (ish) hair. Ali MacGraw and Barbara Hershey are two celebrities of that era who I think perfectly captured it’s appeal.

    AprilNovember 20th, 2012  12:25 PM

  • Aaahhh….we’re that I could!! My hair has been the scourge of my existence all of my life!!! Nothing about it is “easy and timeless” Be thankful for it ! Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

    SheriNovember 20th, 2012  5:51 PM

  • I do too, part my long hair in the middle. Being 40 I have no intention of stopping it, I think it’s a classic style.

    Caroline@inner-outerbeauty.comNovember 21st, 2012  3:21 AM

  • I also love the center part, my hair is mid length with a lot of wave and curl. Is this something I can pull off? I tend to always do a side/uneven part.

    AnnieMarch 1st, 2013  1:32 PM


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