November 28th, 2012

In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye

I know, another Vogue post, but this documentary, showcasing the work of the Vogue stylists (past and present), looks really good. In my day, they were called sittings editors and shoots were sittings. Regardless of their title, the effort these women put into the images is enormous and they should be recognized for their work. has a clip of the documentary.

In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye premieres on HBO December 6th



what's new


Oversized round sunglasses


Hooded leather-trimmed shearling jacket


Leather-trimmed cashmere tote


Hooded quilted coated-shell jacket


Metallic leather sandals


Leather-trimmed cotton-corduroy blazer


Hooded shearling jacket


Giselle jumper


Libra ribbed cashmere bodysuit


Lilibet wool and silk-blend crepe midi dress


Tubular Leather Knee Boots


Denim jacket

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  • You know I wish I had an editor for my blog, life was so much easier with an editorial demand, I’m all over the place now. I am a minion at heart!

    tabithaNovember 28th, 2012  12:57 PM

  • Omgosh, what a relief it is to see these older women! I’m only 45, but I NEVER see woman my age anywhere in print media and I so miss it – I want to know what women my age are doing and how they are dressing for the real world everyday. These pro’s are all gorgeous and maybe a generation ahead of me, but it is still SO refreshing to see them – I absolutely love how they rocked that group photo. Ironic that they hold much of the power in determining what will be shown in print…yet none of us are represented. I’m sure it’s not 24 yr olds with the most buying power and I love seeing youth and beauty, but truthfully, I want BOTH in my mag’s!

    TunieNovember 28th, 2012  4:53 PM

  • As soon as this issue arrived I saw this, ripped it out and tacked it up to my bulletin board in the kitchen…forget the boys schedules and papers, these women and their effortlessly chic style and their own unique beauty will keep me inspired!

    Amy RichardsonNovember 29th, 2012  2:24 PM

  • Fantastic! I wonder when it’ll come to the UK?I heard a Grace Coddington interview on the radio last week & she said the key to her success was being professional, passionate and properly edited.

    That's Not My AgeNovember 29th, 2012  2:55 PM

  • What a gorgeous photo! I love that DVF is rocking the fiery red! XX

    BollywoodPrincess.comDecember 4th, 2012  1:55 PM

  • Ooops, I mean Grace Coddington? 🙂 XX

    BollywoodPrincess.comDecember 4th, 2012  6:03 PM

  • It has been my screen saver for months. Such an inspiration!

    SusanMarch 30th, 2013  6:10 PM


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