December 20th, 2012

I wish I were a lipstick girl…

I have a confession, lipstick scares me. Especially red. And honestly, I think it can be a bit aging. Great hair and a strong lip is chic for evening, but bright lipstick during the day is not me. Carine Roitfeld doesn’t wear it (she has the smokey eye patent) and many of the women I have worked with don’t wear it during the day either. But I feel like the world is lipstick crazy right now– am I bucking the trend or missing the boat?

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  • Missing the boat ; )

    AnitaDecember 20th, 2012  2:06 AM

  • I love red lipstick – I’ve worn it for years (before it became so fashionable) . If you get the right shade suited to your skin colour it can make you look instantly refreshed. Chanel make a few great reds.

    MichelleDecember 20th, 2012  2:52 AM

  • In my opinion style is wearing what you feel is “you”, to suit not only the occasion but your emotional mood.
    Sounds like you have a need not to wear it at the moment. For myself it brightens up my mood. Nars thick lip pencils are amazing.

    RuthDecember 20th, 2012  3:40 AM

  • I understand. I always feel a little overdressed with red lipstick during the day, and it always seems to smear, despite primers, liners, using matte versions, blotting. Instead, I accentuate my eyes and stick to neutral shades, which seem to make my lips fuller. I wish I could embrace red lippy though, any tips? And am I right in thinking if you wear red lipstick, keep eye makeup to a minimum?

    YitkaDecember 20th, 2012  6:43 AM

  • I’m with you on this. I never wear lipstick, much prefer a stain or a balm. Lipstick to me looks a bit dated – though I do think it works for some women.

    That's Not My AgeDecember 20th, 2012  6:51 AM

  • I miss being able to wear red lipstick sooo much….as much as I hate to admit it, I’m just too old now I’m in my mid 40s……it doesn’t work any more. It matches my eyes lol

    ButterpuffDecember 20th, 2012  7:31 AM

  • I think it can be quite ageing too, I feel too done with it, but still haul it out a few times a year.

    TabithaDecember 20th, 2012  7:52 AM

  • There is something to be said about aging, wisdom, and the drive to just have fun!! Red lips are fun! If the color is right for you, put it on, and wear it like you own the place. But ONLY wear red with CONFIDENCE! No point, otherwise! Defeats the whole purpose! Hugs

    SheriDecember 20th, 2012  8:49 AM

  • I am with you, but do I love the contrast red lipstick offers your face. It seems to make your skin tones so lovely.

    Elizabeth Fox/StyleBlueprintDecember 20th, 2012  9:03 AM

  • Try mixing a red lipstick with a gloss for a soft day red look
    There are a lot of ways to wear red lipstick When using the right red everyone
    Can wear it …day or night PS watch your blush color
    It could throw your red lips off
    Make up Artist

    MJDecember 20th, 2012  9:26 AM

  • Try as I might, I’m not a red person either. I do have some shades from Nars that I love because they make me feel like I’m wearing a color without being too bright. I recently read an interview with Carine Roitfeld where she said that she favors lip balm. Nice to know that those of us who are not fans of lipstick are in such good company.

    KWEDecember 20th, 2012  9:50 AM

  • I am afraid of red lipstick too, I usually go with a gloss if I wear red at all. I also agree that red lipstick can be aging. I work with a young woman in her 20s who wears bright red lipstick for day, and with her blue eyes and perfect chestnut hair (and great skin), it completely works. I’m in my early 40s, I will join Carine in the smoky eye boat!

    JillDecember 20th, 2012  10:31 AM

  • You’re just doing your trend. Being chic and intemporal.
    I just use a bit of colour red or deep colours at evening, bright and vibrant colours (more peach or rose) at summer nights. During the day, some time, I use just a bit of gloss up to balsam to balance the “glossy and silicon effect” to a “helthy and natural”…because Idon’t have 20 years anymore!


    Isabel DiasDecember 20th, 2012  11:01 AM

  • I think it’s aging. Prefer a neutral like Bobbie Brown’s “Brownie”. I think a smoky eye can be aging too though.

    kathyDecember 20th, 2012  11:30 AM

  • I think it looks fresh and modern when your in your in your 20’s and 30’s but tired and dated when your older.

    joanneDecember 20th, 2012  2:25 PM

  • I confess it may seem dated to some, but color on the lip adds polish and a “dressed up” look . I love it. I prefer a gloss over the traditional lipstick because lipstick can be dry looking, and red, if it suits your skin tone, is a winner in my book.

    AprilDecember 20th, 2012  2:52 PM

  • I look at the red lipsticks longingly these days. Don’t have the guts to wear it; such a responsibility ;)… I also wrote a long blog post about it when mood hit me a while back.

    As for daytime, I wear a pinky/nude lipstick and gloss and wouldn’t be without it. I’d feel naked, or at least unfinished. Anyway, it’s not right or wrong either way, just an opinion, and I agree that we all have to go with what’s comfortable. Sadly though, we don’t always know what would look great if we just tried something new. A good makeup artist is a great help every few years for me.

    JayDecember 20th, 2012  4:59 PM

  • I think a heavy matte red can be aging, especially if the undertones aren’t suitable for one’s skin type. But there are lots of red alternatives that are softer and look fresh for daytime. Especially paired with a clean face with just a hint of black mascara. The Revlon lip butter line has a few terrific reds that come in a lip balm/ cream format that make them so so wearable. Red lip glosses work too. xo, Christine

    ChristineDecember 20th, 2012  5:00 PM

  • I gave red lipstick another go yesterday. I am light olive skinned and went for MAC’s Ruby Woo, a warm matte shade. I went easy on the eyeshadow to have red lips as the focus. Despite primer and lining, the lipstick bled from my lower lip to my chin, and I thought it made me look drained and pale. So I think no more red lips for me, and straight back to my neutrals, which give me a healthy glow

    YitkaDecember 21st, 2012  7:12 AM

  • I think red is usually aging — even with the correct shade. However, I think not wearing lipstick at all is aging too. A young person can easily pull this off, along with just about anything else, but as we get older, a little color on the lips will help us from looking washed out.
    There’s a perfect everyday shade for you out there. 🙂

    KellyDecember 21st, 2012  10:27 AM

  • Don’t get stuck in a rut! Going without lipstick can make you look old, also. There are many reds to choose from and you might find one that works for daytime. Look at how fab all those gals looked in the 30’s and 40’s with red lipstick…..and they weren’t all young. Try it for a day….

    DabneyDecember 21st, 2012  1:18 PM

  • You are missing the boat!

    Lipstick always seems to finish my look, even if I am only wearing a nude colour. I feel the same way about nailpolish. Whether I buy it from the drugstore or the Dior counter, a new lipstick always makes me feel happy and brand new! I usually buy a lipstick to celebrate a new month, good news….Fridays, lol!

    It’s so great to be a woman!

    CandaceDecember 21st, 2012  1:28 PM

  • I find the opposite! I don’t wear too much red, but I find I need some color on my lips, or else I look totally washed out! Pink is my friend! When I wear a “nude” color, I look unfinished.

    bisbeeDecember 22nd, 2012  4:18 PM

  • I’m in my 40s, and sometimes I wear red lipstick – the reds vary from very bright to very sheer. I also do corals, taupes, whatever. Lips lose color when you age and being too pale isn’t a great look either. Laura Mercier has some balmy lipsticks that are great for color but don’t add too opaque pigment if that is your worry.

    Can I make one major bid for a red for you to try? If you are only going to try ONE brand, go get Clinique chubby balm stick in Two Ton Tomato. It is a nice very sheer red. Then when you are ready for the next step, get the more intense chubby balm in Chunkiest Chili. It looks brown in the package but it isn’t – and it is very flattering and softening, not harsh. You won’t look like Miss Havesham I promise!

    EricaJuly 7th, 2013  9:16 PM


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