January 10th, 2013

Urban Pastoral

I have Brooklyn on the brain. Last week we went for lunch and wandered around a bit afterwards. I am toying with getting a place in Brooklyn Heights (reminds me of Beacon Hill in Boston, my hometown) and this story from Vogue may be the thing that sways me.

We lived for years on the Upper East Side, right on the park. My country-loving family needed to see greenery every day and this worked, for a while. Now we live on the water minutes from the city, but the commute is a bore.

So, we have started to rethink our living situation (keep the cottage for weekends) and Brooklyn is on the list. When I saw what my old Vogue colleague, landscape designer and Vogue Contributing Editor Miranda Brooks, did with her Brooklyn brownstone, especially the outdoor spaces, I am seriously hooked on this borough.

If this is what we decide to do, Miranda will have a new project and neighbor.

Amanda and her adorable husband, architect Bastien Halard.


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Dorian double-breasted checked cotton-blend tweed coat


Embellished quilted leather gloves


Camberwell leopard-print linen-blend canvas jacket


Le High straight-leg jeans


Ipanema shirred halterneck swimsuit


Hammock small leather tote


W006 Enid mid-rise wide-leg jeans


Silk and linen-blend blazer


Fusain leather sandals


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Belted cotton-twill midi dress

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  • My husband retired and we moved from Wassenaar, Holland, after 26 years, back to Italy.
    We live in the countryside 50 km away from Rome. It is beautiful here !
    We have an olive farm and make our own olive oil ! We spend lots of time in the garden as the weather in Italy is gorgeous ! Our friends from all around the world keep coming to visit us to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and healthy food !
    If you would like to see some pictures of our place, let me know !
    Life is great !

    Eliane FogliaJanuary 10th, 2013  3:33 PM

  • Sometimes you read an article and think ” that’s how my life ought to be”!
    Great garden inspirations and a beautiful tunic white top (noting the fashion aspect here…)!

    Ruth, UKJanuary 10th, 2013  4:28 PM

  • Fabulous house. In a parallel universe I live in a Brooklyn Brownstone.

    That's Not My AgeJanuary 10th, 2013  5:42 PM

  • They left the bunnies outside during Sandy but the pony comes into the kitchen?

    HeathcliffJanuary 11th, 2013  6:57 PM

  • Oh, I lived in that neighborhood 20 years ago! It’s true that you can do a lot with a Brooklyn garden! I need to do more with mine aside from growing herbs and tomatoes. When redoing a brownstone, I think, the tension is always between keeping the details and ripping them out. You might take a look at brownstoner.com if you want to see some examples. They did a series called “The Insider” about interiors, maybe they did a garden one too.

    joannawnycJanuary 12th, 2013  11:05 AM

  • I live in Boreum Hill Brooklyn with my husband & 2 kids. We love visiting other states & countries but can’t see making our home any place besides brown stone Brooklyn. We are both native New Yorkers, btw. Brooklyn welcomes Keep it Chic!!

    JudyJanuary 14th, 2013  7:21 PM


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