March 16th, 2013

‘The One That Got Away’

This morning I had a true that’sjust-what-I-was-thinking moment when I opened the WSJ. The One That Got Away, an article on buying last season and resale pieces, was pure synchronicity.

I have no problem buying items from seasons past. Sometimes it takes me a bit to really love something and by the time I want it, it’s sold out. Then, when it pops up on Yoox, I am relieved to have a second chance at it. My buying credo is to acquire pieces that go the distance, so I am not concerned about which season items come from, just that I can get my hands on them.

This happened recently. I found the Valentino dress above that I bought last spring and still regretted returning. Yoox had only one and it was my size. Half the original price, it was still a lot, but I could not let it slip by a second time. Now it’s hanging in my closet (with the tags on it).

Back to the WSJ article this morning– it listed a few resale sites and I perused them looking for my dress. I am not a resale shopper. A sole exception, I bought a Miu Miu skirt pre-owned, and only because, like the Valentino dress, I whiffed on buying it the first time around. And lo and behold, on one of the sites listed, was the Valentino dress, and it’s $500. less than the new one from Yoox.

Is it worth the extra money to have it be new and unworn? Also, the resale site does not take returns. If I don’t like my purchase I have the option to resell it on the site.

What should I do?


What's New


Caged satin minaudière


Wool-crepe strapless top


Vokayo high-rise straight-leg jeans


Garcon suede loafers


Laser-engraved logo belt


Belted leather biker jacket

Jil Sander

Gathered Knit Midi Dress


Cropped leather jacket


Triple Francois 18kt gold vermeil earrings


Jimmy Leather Puffer Jacket


Le 57 quilted leather shoulder bag


Belted wool blazer


Blade velvet slingback pumps


Silvia silk-twill scarf


Logo-embellished leather loafers


Crocheted Cotton-Blend Midi Skirt

  • I think it’s a fantastic dress and would surely go the distance in your closet! So on that basis you should keep it. Personally, I’m never concerned about the season and never have a problem with pre-owned stuff if they are in good condition. It’s not worth it to me to have everything new and unworn. Not at all. If we’re talking similar design labels and quality and you can get the same pieces for so much less, why not?

    SilkPathDiary.comMarch 16th, 2013  9:20 AM

  • I would keep the first one, even though it’s more money. Prefer it new, with tags, with return possible if you want. Gorgeous dress.

    KathyMarch 16th, 2013  9:38 AM

  • I love the dress. I usually buy and don’t look back for this very reason. The dress in your closet was, in your opinion, worth what you paid for it at the time. You are buying long term, not impulsively. So, keep the one you have and resolve to check out these resale sites in the future before buying a past season item, and resolve to wear this dress enough to make up the additional dollars paid. You never know, the one you get from the resale site may be less than perfect condition upon close inspection and you wouldn’t be happy with it anyway. In any event, don’t let it dampen your enjoyment of that beautiful dress!

    AprilMarch 16th, 2013  9:57 AM

  • Agree with April. You never know how the dress at the re-sale site will look like. The dress you have looks beautiful and you are sure of the quality..”new” has an allure and joy when you put it on. Plus this specific dress is iconic and will hopefully last for your girls to wear after you tire of it.

    AmelMarch 16th, 2013  10:13 AM

  • Keep it. It’s chic and if becoming, then wear it soon. You already have the new dress in
    your closet! No decision is indecision(my Grandfather would say).


    ninnaMarch 16th, 2013  10:24 AM

  • I think you should keep the first dress. New Valentino has to trump the secondhand one in this instance since we are not talking about a vintage piece! And it could end up being a headache to return the first one and buy the other one from the resale shop. And I agree with others who pointed out you may not know the true quality of the second dress until you have it there in front of you. Save yourself the hassle. Keep the first one and enjoy it!

    JillMarch 16th, 2013  10:39 AM

  • Don’t look back. It takes too much precious energy and for what…money? Keep the dress you have. Spend the energy you didn’t waste on your family, friends and pets today!

    RobbiMarch 16th, 2013  10:43 AM

  • Agree with Robbi!! Never look back!!!! You will be beautiful in whatever you wear, Preston, so enjoy!!!!

    SheriMarch 16th, 2013  11:14 AM

  • I try would avoid shopping for clothing anywhere that doesn’t take returns if you can’t try it on, see it , feel it..somehow accessories seem ok.

    SheilaMarch 16th, 2013  11:14 AM

  • I saw this article this morning and I saw that they profiled Vaunte. I recently joined and have purchased some great items that were a few seasons old Chanel and Prada but in impeccable condition. The prices are amazing and I love all of the profiles of these stylish women. I think that this concept is amazing and it is a place where you can buy and sell items that you no longer want or need.

    MarniMarch 16th, 2013  11:21 AM

  • It’s gorgeous! Keep it and wear it…it looks like a summer item, you can change it up with the shoes…

    AnitaMarch 16th, 2013  11:26 AM

  • This is the second you’ve said that you don’t do resale, so if you’re having doubts about the resale dress, then follow your gut and keep the new more expensive one. Agree with Marni about Vaunte–great resale site, reasonable prices and excellent condition. Maybe resale items for you is accessories only.

    RonicaMarch 16th, 2013  1:20 PM

  • My opinion is simply this:- my decision would be financially based. As money matters and if I could pick up a piece for less knowing it will fit, that’s what I buy.
    If I had money which was free flowing I’d be shopping without cost consideration .

    RuthMarch 16th, 2013  3:58 PM

  • If money is no object, then keep the dress and don’t look back. If you do the resale you can keep the extra money and it would cancel dress mistakes made in the past. Feeling guilty about keeping the extra money — donate the money you saved by purchasing it at the resale shop to your favorite charity.


    LynnMarch 16th, 2013  5:26 PM

  • Thank you everyone for your comments! Ronica is right, I am not a resale shopper, and am even more reluctant since the dress cannot be returned. I will look at Vaunte since so many of you raved about it. Actually, they have asked me to post on them, so maybe I will.
    I am a very careful shopper and although I post on many great finds, I only buy the few pieces that I know I will wear a lot. I will wear this dress often and for many years, and that’s good enough for me.

    PrestonMarch 16th, 2013  7:19 PM

  • Preston, I think you are making the right decision by keeping brand new dress. You are either a resale shopper or not. I think it’s pretty black and white for most people. I am definitely not a resale shopper and I will not shop on sites/stores that do not accept returns. Just my 2 cents. I would love to see your well curated wardrobe.

    JulieMarch 17th, 2013  5:56 PM


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