May 5th, 2013

Navy Nails

Nail polish is rarely a topic on KiC because I don’t often wear it. Recently, my older daughter asked me to look for a dark blue to send to her at boarding school. I found this shade and admit that I am tempted to try it on my toes. Hey, navy is the perfect neutral and goes with everything, right?

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  • It’s a really dark navy. I tried on my toes instead of my usual red. Loved it for 5 days, then went back to red. I does look good with jeans and sandals.

    JulieMay 5th, 2013  9:55 PM

  • I tried a dark blue last year, but a litle bit more of a royal blue than navy. I really liked it and didn’t tire of it. I haven’t done it since, but its somewhere in my rotation. Normally, I’m not a dark color wearer and I only do my toes.

    AprilMay 6th, 2013  7:03 AM

  • Navy is my favorite color for clothes (and bags and most everything else) but I think navy nail polish runs the risk of looking corpselike.

    laurenMay 6th, 2013  9:00 AM

  • I had a fling with the Essie navy polish – love it on my toes and love it on my fingers for weeks, despite my manicurist constantly highlighting new trending nail colors. I work for a financial institution where it’s pretty conservative, and nary an eyebrow was raised at the sight of navy polish. I traded it in for shades of red to celebrate Spring and the imminent arrival of Summer (although weather has been all over the place lately), and felt that red nails (albeit short, nothing talon-like) were way more prominent than navy. Navy is a universally flattering color… clothes and nails alike!

    MonicaMay 6th, 2013  9:37 AM

  • I am a nude nail polish lady, but have embraced the blues recently on my toes and only toes. I say go for it.. It is not permanent and a fun look for a week or two!

    Ridgely's RadarMay 6th, 2013  11:03 AM

  • I just had my toes done in navy because I wear lots of that color combined with white, coral and greens for the spring. I love it!!!

    elizabethMay 6th, 2013  11:05 AM

  • I’ve been wearing a Butter London royal blue for a while. I love it and receive a lot of compliments on the color. Sometimes I switch to a BL periwinkle or gray. Reds seemed tired and uninspired. Love something orange from Hermes but cannot abide the color on my nails. Try a royal blue.


    JanetMay 6th, 2013  11:50 AM

  • Have some fun and go for it! I have worn it both on nails and toes (not for long periods, but long enough to thoroughly enjoy it!). Plus it brings me out of my normal color zone for a while, which is always healthy!

    SheriMay 6th, 2013  2:13 PM

  • Have you seen “No More Film?” by Essie!! It’s a dark blue/purple that is PERFECT for Spring on toes or hands!!

    AndreaMay 6th, 2013  5:18 PM

  • I have that exact colour/brand and love it! I wore it during the winter (up here in Canada), and was surprised that it looks great down here in the sunny south too…hey I figure if the young shop girls think it looks great, then it’s o’k…A little street fred;)

    brenda murphyMay 6th, 2013  5:58 PM

  • damn spell check…street cred;) who or what is street fred?

    brenda murphyMay 6th, 2013  6:00 PM

  • I love your blog. I think nail polish should enhance and be elegant and as natural as possible- I don’t care for blue nail polish at any age ! Sorry!

    JenniferMay 6th, 2013  7:48 PM

  • Saw navy on a woman about 10 years ago. It took me about 5 to try it. I haven’t looked back. Looks great with a bit of a tan, too.

    KristinMay 7th, 2013  5:43 AM

  • Right.

    That's Not My AgeMay 7th, 2013  12:22 PM


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