May 22nd, 2013

Will you wear the Vara?

Ferragamo hired socialite photographer Claiborne Swanson Frank to shoot a number of the current members of the stylish set wearing the brand’s iconic Vara and Varina pumps. Each girl custom designed her own pair, and now you can too.

Classic tan with white jeans could be chic.



What's New


Everett leather tote bag


Silvia silk-twill scarf


Caged satin minaudière


Wool-crepe strapless top


Vokayo high-rise straight-leg jeans


Garcon suede loafers


Laser-engraved logo belt


Belted leather biker jacket

Jil Sander

Gathered Knit Midi Dress


Cropped leather jacket


Triple Francois 18kt gold vermeil earrings


Jimmy Leather Puffer Jacket


Le 57 quilted leather shoulder bag


Belted wool blazer


Blade velvet slingback pumps


Logo-embellished leather loafers

  • Great campaign. Haven’t worm them in years!

    AbigailMay 22nd, 2013  8:38 AM

  • Tres Chic!!!!!…… classic w/skinny jeans…..great post!

    CariMay 22nd, 2013  9:17 AM

  • Hmm…I have a strict no bows policy when it comes to footwear (and clothing in general), but they do look great in some of these photos. I am tempted to give them a try, but I doubt they will replace my beloved Blochs.

    KathMay 22nd, 2013  9:23 AM

  • Absolutely! I bought a pair of saddle tan Varas a couple of years ago and now I want a whole collection in various colors (which I won’t do, but I am tempted).

    Lauren@StyleseerMay 22nd, 2013  10:17 AM

  • I’ve been eyeing them up for years, but never made the jump. Maybe the ability to custom design them to suit my tastes will be what it takes to get me into them!

    CassieMay 22nd, 2013  11:28 AM

  • could be aging, I’m late 40’s, what do you think?

    TammyMay 22nd, 2013  11:34 AM

  • Definitely! I didn’t know you could customize. My first ever pair of designer shoes were Ferrigamo, and are still a favourite. There was no breaking in from the first time I wore them, unlike my Prada flats which after 4 years are still as stiff as a cheap saddle. Great head’s up, thanks. b

    brenda murphyMay 22nd, 2013  11:41 AM

  • For someone who loves Ferragamo, it would help if I spelled it correctly;)

    brenda murphyMay 22nd, 2013  11:43 AM

  • I just ordered a pair in all navy! I’m so happy that this great shoe is finally getting its day in the sun!

    JuliaMay 22nd, 2013  11:57 AM

  • Just as I’ve been debating the purchase of a pair of black Varas for summer travel, this media blitz happens! I love how the new campaign is giving them a younger spin. I almost bought them but as I stood in the giant Ferragamo on 5th Ave, I couldn’t tell if they aged me by 15 years (I’m 42). Should have bought them, and I’ve been thinking of them ever since. Thanks for helping me decide! Cheers, Laura from

    Cocktails & GelatoMay 22nd, 2013  12:58 PM

  • They are and always will be a Nancy Reagan “old lady” shoe. Lovely on older women who have to go for comfort over style. They look ridiculous with jeans of any kind!

    Lesesne HudsonMay 22nd, 2013  1:04 PM

  • I don’t get the “old lady” label. I know there are women who ALWAYS wear this kind of shoe and there is a certain dowdy image that lends itself to those people. But, I personally find this style rather youthful when paired with jeans, etc as shown here. The bow is tailored, but not too precious. Just a really great flat, and with the right color combo, a unique daily run around shoe. The tan with white – mine in a heart beat.

    AprilMay 22nd, 2013  1:44 PM

  • I have three pair on the way – classics in black, navy and tan. The updated square heel is timeless!

    DaisyMay 22nd, 2013  3:55 PM

  • The shoes are bit like the Chanel jacket which if worn too traditionally/formally can be ‘aging’. But if worn with something a bit edgy or casual like skinny jeans, then it looks great. I am tempted to get a pair!

    MMMay 22nd, 2013  4:06 PM

  • Yep, this campaign worked for me! This will definitely replace Tory Burch shoes for a few seasons for most I suspect.

    coulda shoulda wouldaMay 22nd, 2013  4:33 PM

  • I also see nothing but “old lady” with these shoes, even on the beautiful young women pictured.

    AliMay 22nd, 2013  5:11 PM

  • They certainly look great on these women, but I have a hard time wearing an item that my mother and mother in law wear! I will definitely think about it after seeing these photos.

    MelissaMay 22nd, 2013  5:30 PM

  • It only looks youthful in an ironic way…that’s where the confusion comes from. It’s a subtle thing based upon how you wear it. These girls have pulled it off but the average person, prob. not, lol. I love it best in the first look.

    TunieMay 22nd, 2013  6:24 PM

  • I have been wearing the “My Joy” foldable flat for travel and will definitely give these a try. So glad to have a quality option with a walkable heel that is not a flat. Obviously it must be styled to avoid frumpsville but that is true of so many items at a certain age.

    MiaMay 22nd, 2013  6:35 PM

  • Old lady !! My 73 year old mother lives in them sorry. The colors are beautiful though

    SheilaMay 22nd, 2013  8:39 PM

  • They’re so stiff and uncomfortable. No, I won’t.

    ToriMay 22nd, 2013  8:52 PM

  • Old ladies get such a bad wrap.. 🙂

    KellyMay 22nd, 2013  9:39 PM

  • I think they are little too old for me. The ferragamo brand needs to be reinvented. It just looks like clothes for really old women.

    ChennillMay 22nd, 2013  10:04 PM

  • I have a pair of brown croc ones that belonged to my beloved grandmother – I think purchased in the late eighties. I did not have the heart to wear them, in case I would harm them. But I just may now…

    LalehMay 22nd, 2013  11:36 PM

  • I am not a fan, but I will say that this ad campaign has made me look twice. Very well done – but I still cannot go there.

    DianaMay 23rd, 2013  12:28 AM

  • Two words – NO WAY ! They are not cute or chic.

    brittanyMay 23rd, 2013  2:09 AM

  • The ad campaign looks great, but I don’t think that would translate to real life. The pictures are static, posed and stylized (and some look heavily photoshopped) I think seeing women walking around in daily life in these shoes, in would be very hard to avoid the frump factor. Young women may be able to pull it off, slightly ironically, but I would skip this after 30.

    ElizabethMay 23rd, 2013  7:23 AM

  • These along with Hermes Kelly bags, thick boucle skirt suits and the re-emergence of the “New Look” silhouette only remind me of my grandmother – who was very elegant and would now be 100. I think if you’re old enough to remember it on someone mature you knew as a child, then it’s too aging for you. On women born on this side of the bicentennial, these things look fresh & polished and seem sophisticated in that they give a knowing wink to the past.

    HeathcliffMay 23rd, 2013  9:05 AM

  • I wish that heel on shoes from the late sixties would come back in a big way….The sort of chunky heel like the ones Jackie and Lee and Catherine Deneuvre wore,…. with those A- line dresses. They were so so chic. They were
    also the most comfortable and gave one a graceful walk, not like the awkwardness of the stiletto !

    Jane ManganMay 25th, 2013  8:27 AM

  • Wisdom comes with age and experience and many younger ladies haven’t lived long enough to develop the “wisdom” of what true fashion is and can be. Frumpy has nothing to do with age, it’s a state of mind. The 40-something crowd that is so afraid of aging or looking “aged” needs to keep their fingers crossed that they will be among the select who reach old age as not everyone is chosen…the shoes are elegant and classic.

    Lady of 66June 3rd, 2013  11:15 AM

  • I would not wear the Vara – the shoes look too matronly on me – but I love the Varina…a terrific ballet flat that can also be customized.

    AlissaJune 11th, 2013  5:23 PM

  • Ok, so VERY late to this post, but as per the usual I do have an opinion. These shoes are beautifully crafted. The color options are giving a slight nod to re-branding without disrespect towards the originals informed design. So I say…go for it!!!

    JenniferSeptember 23rd, 2013  4:05 PM


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