June 2nd, 2013

The importance of being original

Copycats are not cool

If you knew your friend was wearing a dress to an event, would you buy the same one and wear it too? Would you go to someone’s home and then decorate your living room identically, down to the curtains?  How about liking a website and then imitating it, what would that say about you? I’ll tell you, it says you are a shameless copycat and copycats aren’t chic.

Being inspired by someone’s creative style is great, but blatantly copying them, especially their hard work, is not. Copying shows a lack of original thought and more importantly, hurts the person you steal from.  If you see something that you like, give credit to the creator, that is the gracious thing to do.



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  • I totally agree!!! What I love above my blog is that it’s an extension of my personality, and I try really hard to come up with interesting topics based on my training as a fashion stylist. There have been a couple times where I’ve found posts similar to mine on blogs that subscribe to mine but lacking the helpful details I try to provide in my posts. It’s really frustrating!!! I always hope that people can see through the copycats just as it’s usually easy to spot a designer copy.
    Illysia from madlychic.con

    IllysiaJune 2nd, 2013  9:47 AM

  • I think you are right….it is okay to be inspired by someone, but make it original and add your own twist! It is better to explore your own creativity, you never know, you may be able to come up with something even better!!!

    ChennillJune 2nd, 2013  9:47 AM

  • I could go on and on about this topic for hours. Instead, I’ll just say that yes, I could not agree with you more: being admired is lovely and flattering; being studied and copied is suffocating.

    MelissaJune 2nd, 2013  9:51 AM

  • I completely agree! You should always credit the creator , period.

    Fiorella HansonJune 2nd, 2013  9:52 AM

  • Bravo!!!

    AnitaJune 2nd, 2013  9:53 AM

  • I cannot agree more. Nothing makes me lose respect for a person more than being a “copycat”. It shows lack of originality and self esteem.

    GwendolynJune 2nd, 2013  10:28 AM

  • Like Melissa said, I could talk about this for hours. I totally agree with you.

    Usually when someone outright copies you, they are also trying to compete with you in some way, or are envious of what you have. Those are qualities I do not admire in friends (or even distant acquaintances) and will cut them off right away. It may seem harmless in the beginning, but it usually goes down an ugly, ugly road.

    As far as blogs go, most people are smart can make the copycat call out right away. The copycats need to take the time to develop a vision and figure out who they are, and believe in it!

    CeceJune 2nd, 2013  11:05 AM

  • Absolutely, it is disrespectful and shows a lack of regard for one’s own abilities

    Neha SenJune 2nd, 2013  11:10 AM

  • Plagiarism! Just plain unethical, not cool and wrong!

    RobbiJune 2nd, 2013  11:32 AM

  • Good for you, Preston!


    EricaJune 2nd, 2013  11:38 AM

  • Ditto! It is one thing to admire and applaud someones style it is another all together to do a direct copy. Certainly is not chic! Don’t get me started…

    Ridgely's RadarJune 2nd, 2013  11:47 AM

  • Spot on, Robbi. ‘Copycat’ is too kind a word – plagiarism is more appropriate. It is often illegal and absolutely unethical. If you are reading Keep It Chic, be inspired – all creatives are – but do not copy it down to Preston’s Valentinos!!!

    Lisa EastmanJune 2nd, 2013  11:50 AM

  • What is the difference between “being inspired” and copying? That seems to be the question…
    At what point do you cross the line into ripping off someone else’s style? I think it’s when people look at you and they no longer see you and they just see the other person’s style and how that style isn’t you. It reminds me of a girl in college who was wearing a Madonna-like outfit similar to what Madonna wore in her Lucky Star video.

    LindaJune 2nd, 2013  11:51 AM

  • this is an interesting topic, for sure.
    while i completely agree with you, there are different degrees of copying.
    for example, does buying the same shorts, maybe in a different color, as a friend fall into this category ?
    what about when a stranger asks where you got a piece your wearing ?
    would like to know where people weigh in on this.

    lisaJune 2nd, 2013  11:53 AM

  • It’s one thing to be inspired by someone else’s style, and another to outright copy it

    Mel CuevasJune 2nd, 2013  11:54 AM

  • We are all copycats to some degree or another. And so what if someone loves and copies the EXACT shoes, purse, dress, chair, drapes, whatever. You advertise and sell multiple exact items here so I don’t think you really understand how entrenched in the copycat business you really are. I bet you have the same Celine or Hermes bag that thousands of other people have.

    Elizabeth FordJune 2nd, 2013  11:58 AM

  • Totally agree! I really can’t understand the mentality of someone who would copy, what is the point if it’s not their own work? They can’t have any self respect for a start. I’ve only come across a blatant copy once and treat it the same as a fake = have nothing to do with it.

    silkpathdiaryJune 2nd, 2013  3:18 PM

  • The beauty of the Internet is its immediacy and openness of information. The problem is that it creates a playground of plagiarism for those who can’t string two original thoughts of their own together nor distinguish right from wrong.

    The thing is that true originality always wins. True originality is what inspires and KIC stands apart as the true original.

    KathyJune 2nd, 2013  3:22 PM

  • The thing is Preston, they might be able to copy something, or blindly follow the leader, but they’ll never have the talent to sustain the image they’re desperately hoping to cling to.
    Poor things.
    Imitation is the sincerest yadda yadda yadda. Nobody is fooled

    BeccaJune 2nd, 2013  4:27 PM

  • I’m sorry Preston, (and community) don’t mean to be dense but, are we talking about someone plagiarizing your blog, or copying in general? Either way, I am firmly in the DIY camp, I’ve never ever understood the value of buying a cheaper copy in place of the original. I am just curious if you found someone WAS plagiarizing you. How odd that would feel.

    SueMJune 2nd, 2013  5:00 PM

  • Oh no! Preston has this happened to this beautiful site. Yours will always be the original and the best. Much love. Xx

    AmandaJune 2nd, 2013  7:40 PM

  • Imitation isn’t sustainable, ultimately it will fail.

    Young people imitate because they admire something and don’t know themselves well enough yet to interpret the inspiration in their own way. In that case, I find it understandable. Anyone else is doing a disservice to themselves as well as all of us.

    AprilJune 2nd, 2013  10:21 PM

  • This post strikes a nerve. I think most of us agree it’s wrong, especially if it’s happened to you. I’ve been “copied” too; at first I was flattered, but when it continued I became angry. Good for you, Preston for calling it out as it is.

    JayJune 3rd, 2013  11:39 AM

  • My two younger sisters and I have similar taste – we can go shopping independently and come back with the same black or grey cardigan. Once we all ended up at the chanel counter at different times, my best friend Vanessa and my two younger sisters have several of the same shoes, t-shirts and cardigans, you can’t say only one of us can shop at James Perse, Jigsaw or Barneys or carry Celine. No one has ownership of liking the same things or shopping at the same stores or liking the same coffee table. I think what this post means is that when you’re reading one of your favorite blogs or discover a new one that if a particular post is inspiring that you create your own and if you’re using the same jpeg or bit of news that you credit the post and blog that inspired it. One of my blogs is dedicated to only red lipstick and I make it a point to credit every blog or magazine article I read that inspires a post. We also have to realize that PR Firms send out the information to all bloggers, that’s when you add your own spin to the actual news.

    AnitaJune 3rd, 2013  12:12 PM

  • This is close to home…I have a dear friend who has copied sooo many things starting with my triangular shaped dining table (she came to my house with a huge roll of brown paper and copied it) up to my dog! I don’t make much of it, just chuckle.

    LorenaJune 3rd, 2013  2:08 PM

  • Lorena,
    My sisters and our mutual BFF just happen to shop at the same places, naturally they are not going to buy the same dog or bring over brown paper to copy my coffee table – but we will buy the same Lanvin blk patent leather ballet flat or blk cardigan or James Perse loungwear….we wouldn’t be so close if we didn’t have similar interests or taste.
    When people shop at the same places and have similar taste there is bound to be a crossover…..a welcomed crossover….coping to me means having something custom made and having someone else do the same thing….
    I think my BFF would laugh if we bought the same dog as hers….

    AnitaJune 3rd, 2013  7:30 PM

  • A friend copied my dining table..it really bothered me because her visiting family went on and on about gorgeous our home was..next thing we knew she bought our table.. So I sold mine on Craigslist and bought 1 of a kind table.. I really put a lot of thought into the design of my home…it just felt so weird..

    DeniseJune 7th, 2013  11:15 PM


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