July 7th, 2013

The Way, Way Back

I know exactly what the title of this new movie refers to, I grew up in the way, way back of our chocolate brown with fake wood paneling, Country Squire station wagon. Every family we knew from Concord to Jupiter Island had one. The youngest of four, I never got to ride “shotgun” or rarely even next to a window. Hating the middle seat, I often opted for the fold-up third row. As we were shuttled around to tennis, the barn, sailing, the club, and friends’ houses, I viewed life from this rear-facing seat.

Except, when we went on trips and needed the luggage space, then I would sit in the front between my parents on the bench seat; this was pre seat belts and child safety anything. On one fateful ski trip in Vermont when I was 5, we were in a horrific accident and I was launched face first into the dashboard and windshield. Thanks to a brilliant plastic surgeon in Boston, I look just like my eldest sister.

“The Way, Way Back”, starring Steve Carell and Toni Collette, got good reviews, and despite my mixed memories of the last seat in the car, I cannot wait to see the film.



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  • Preston, I am much older than you, and also grew up without seat belts, etc.. I remember my father installed some himself in the green Rambler I took my drivers’ test in – before they were even an option on cars! Glad you had that great plastic surgeon!

    Being from a family of 4 – only 2 kids – we never had a station wagon. However, even though I also have 2 kids, we did have a station wagon, but without the 3rd seat. We had a big dog, and did pile kids back there for car pool – before seat belts were required by law. My kids are 35 and 38, so this was quite a while ago! Luckily, no accidents with kids in the way back – I had never heard it called this, but it became the way back naturally!

    I have to catch this movie!

    bisbeeJuly 8th, 2013  8:46 AM

  • My family called it the “back back.” And I remember the treat of getting to ride up front between my parents! But there were only 3 of us girls, so usually we were crammed into a row in the regular back seat.

    joannawnycJuly 8th, 2013  8:53 AM

  • I have a faint inch long scar on my forehead. (The windshield was no match for my hard head even at the age of 4!) But fond memories of pillows, sleeping bags and buckets of KFC for our 4 hour car rides to Saratoga.

    kayce hughesJuly 8th, 2013  9:39 AM

  • I loved the way, way back! When we were young, we lived in Miami and often my parents put my two brothers and I in our pajamas, we lay in the way, way back and drove along Key Biscayne, looking at the lights of downtown Miami sparkle over the Bay until we fell asleep.

    jenniferJuly 8th, 2013  11:05 AM

  • Ha, memories. I am one of 6 kids and spent a lot of time in the “way back” (as we called it). Best (worst) was the 12 hour drive to my grandma’s house- 6 kids, 2 parents and all our luggage IN the car because my dad refused to tie things on top. He thought it would decrease his gas milage or something. We had a plymouth Volarie. Vinyl seats + hot day = ouch!

    JulieJuly 11th, 2013  2:57 PM


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