July 16th, 2013

Sticker Shock

A gorgeous Proenza Schouler look from their F/W 13 show

I’m a pretty simple gal– the only things that I am willing to really spend on are educating my girls, riding, and a few new pieces each season to freshen up my wardrobe. But this fall it’s going to be a challenge regarding those ‘few new pieces’. I realize that I spend more than many folks do, but even I have my limits, and some of the things I am loving right now will not make it into my closet. I cannot justify the prices.


what's new


Chunky large hoops


High neck sweater in double face Shetland cashmere


Wrap skirt in wool felt


Elliptic Heel nappa lambskin ankle boot


Signet ring


Square sunglasses


Coat in double face cashmere


Crew neck sweater in double face shetland wool and cashmere


Elliptic Heel nappa lambskin ankle boot


Baroque hoops


Knot ring made of vermeil


+ 3 Grenoble faux shearling-trimmed wool-blend tweed down jacket

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  • Hi Preston,
    I always love your take on things! I’ve been reading for a while, and love your style, but as a young 20-something, it’s mostly eye candy for me. I’ll have to check out items more closely- even now some things seem astronomical (although I’d definitely buy investment pieces if I had the funds) but I’ll have to check these pieces.
    What are you thoughts on the increases from a causation standpoint?

    EmilyJuly 16th, 2013  10:01 PM

  • I never fault anyone who may spend more than me, but we each have to figure out our limits. That said Proenza Schouler F/W 2013 is lust worthy. I especially like their double breasted jackets, but I’m liking them from afar.

    LilahJuly 16th, 2013  11:57 PM

  • Since those of us with more limited budgets (ahem) face this problem all the time, would love to hear about your decision process. How will you choose this season? And what? Thanks!

    C.MicholJuly 17th, 2013  12:41 AM

  • See you at Zara…

    Jane Dalea-KahnJuly 17th, 2013  1:08 AM

  • it is so great to hear you say that not everything is within your budget, thus will not make it into your closet. what i love about this site is that you’re honest about your investments and the pieces that you think about purchasing. there are so many sites out there that are just about showing off their collection of beautiful things and constantly buying more. while they are enjoyable to look at, i find myself more drawn to your realististic viewpoint on buying things- whatever they may be.

    bllJuly 17th, 2013  9:02 AM

  • I appreciate your post. I often think that the majority of the people I work with would fall over if they knew what I spent on some things…and I do pick and choose. I finally allowed myself to purchase a pair of IM Dicker boots…almost 50% off. That was still a stretch, but I waited until I found the right price!

    bisbeeJuly 17th, 2013  9:03 AM

  • Your blog is lovely and I enjoy your take on things. I have always tried to buy pieces that last for years and much of my work clothes fall in that category. I’m a fan of high quality brands and don’t mind paying more for those but the price creep we’re seeing now is, in my opinion, unwarranted. Perhaps is the rise in the demand for luxury items from other countries but regardless it’s sure making me rethink my purchases and mostly wait for sales. I have fallen madly in love with the Celine pre-fall collection but almost fainted when I saw the price of the leather skirt that I’ve drooling over. The piece is beyond a dream but I can’t justify paying over $8,000 for it. Much to my surprise, I have begun to enjoy the thrill of finding designer pieces at Last Call stores and online at the Outnet and Yoox.

    I look forward to your all of your posts.


    bellaJuly 17th, 2013  6:59 PM

  • I feel good when I decide not to purchase something because the price is unreasonable, and not because it is beyond my means. Seriously, I think some people can’t make the distinction and don’t discriminate enough in terms of quality to value. This is relevant at every price point.

    AprilJuly 17th, 2013  10:56 PM

  • I have been wondering why in this economy prices are going up rather than down. Maybe the people who buy the very high end clothes aren’t suffering as much? A friend who works in a high end shoe shop told me one Italian brand raised its prices by 20 % this season. On the other hand I posted this morning about the vintage Hermes bags on sale at Matches. In England and the rest of Europe retail is suffering badly – but maybe New York is doing better?

    DianneJuly 18th, 2013  12:42 AM

  • Maybe the answer is that a very few people are doing well, and the rest of us are doing our best. Preston, thank you for all the help and advice and suggestions you give us. Jane, thank you for saying “See you at Zara”. And for all of you, take it from someone who is probably older than most of you: Most of the things you buy will NOT make it into your future. Jewelry, bags and scarves are forever.

    AliJuly 20th, 2013  8:31 PM


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