October 11th, 2013

Basic Love


October is when I take stock of what I need, and what I need are some basics. As the weather turns cooler, but not yet cold, I focus on pieces that can be layered. When the temperature does drop, I’ll just add a duffel coat or shearling. Done!

White shirt, loafers, henley, clutch, jeans, scarf, flats, sweater, hat.



What's New


Laser-engraved logo belt


Belted leather biker jacket

Jil Sander

Gathered Knit Midi Dress


Cropped leather jacket


Triple Francois 18kt gold vermeil earrings


Jimmy Leather Puffer Jacket


Le 57 quilted leather shoulder bag


Belted wool blazer


Blade velvet slingback pumps


Silvia silk-twill scarf


Logo-embellished leather loafers


Crocheted Cotton-Blend Midi Skirt


Braided leather bangle


Delcie tie-detailed ramie midi dress


Gate knotted leather slippers


Postcard fringed crocheted straw bucket hat

  • Love this post- perfect everyday basics. I am wearing similar outfits everyday at the moment. Simple easy dressing at its best.

    MelanieOctober 11th, 2013  6:34 AM

  • Heading into summer in these parts but I was wearing those Lanvin flats today! Love this selection of basics – obviously!.

    ClaireOctober 11th, 2013  6:44 AM

  • This is my Mon–Fri uniform. LOVE!
    Preston, which bag are you carrying this fall? I can’t decide if it’s time to unearth my birkin. It was so fun when i was 30. Now feels matronly when I am 40. Thoughts?

    JulieOctober 11th, 2013  8:45 AM

  • Julie, You read my mind! I pulled out my Birkin for 2 days and it didn’t feel right. I know that sounds insane, and perhaps spoiled (I do know I am lucky to even have one!), but I just tucked it away again. I need to post on this because I want to wear all the things I have, but some just don’t work right now, but that’s not a good enough reason to let them go. Hmm….

    PrestonOctober 11th, 2013  9:01 AM

  • Great post, Preston! I just bought the Sloane sweater the other day as well as it’s turtleneck counterpart. I also have that Chan Luu scarf in another color and I must get the grey. So soft. I love the point that you make to Julie about how even though some things don’t feel right one season, we shouldn’t necessarily let them go. I’ve let a few things go and then kicked myself later.

    kimOctober 11th, 2013  9:29 AM

  • I live in all of these- so easy and still elegant. Great post, Preston!

    About the Birkin- perhaps a casual outfit might make it less stuffy, but still chic- cropped pants, blazer, Converse or Superga (or loafer/ballet flats) and a scarf- usually all navy/ all black or grey with white ankle length pants. Then add a great coat when it gets cold.

    Don’t give away the Birkin! 🙂

    Mme DirectriceOctober 11th, 2013  9:55 AM

  • When you brought out the piece on your Birkin a few weeks ago, I took out mine but they didn’t feel right yet either. But in a few years I am sure they will be right again, if not for me then for my daughter!

    MMSOctober 11th, 2013  9:59 AM

  • Julie & Preston- looking forward to your Birkin post. Mine was tucked away for most of the summer and September. Just dusted it off last week and carried it all weekend on a trip out of town and wasn’t sure if it the timing was right. Mine is black, so with a pair of black converse I felt like it was a little more youthful (I’m 42). Loving all the basics, as usual. Still on the hunt for a grey cashmere henley that doesn’t look like my Champion sweatshirts from the early 90s. Cheers, Laura from http://www.cocktailsandgelato.com

    LauraOctober 11th, 2013  10:36 AM

  • Love this post and I am definitely in need of new good basics. Lately I’ve been looking at pictures of Carolyn Bessette again, she wore basics so well! Just great hair and red lipstick. I’m also really rethinking the skinny jeans, I’m ready for a new silhouette and a slight flair with clogs and a turtleneck seems so easy. Also in several pics she is carrying a black Birkin and it does not look at all stuffy. Although if she were alive today with children I could see her with a cross body. Great post!

    JenniferOctober 11th, 2013  11:08 AM

  • Took out my Birkin, dusted it off and put it back in it’s box. Grabbed my celine cabas instead. Can’t give the Birkin away, but still don’t feel right carrying it right now. Maybe in another 10 years:). My daughter will have a great vintage bag collection when she grows up.

    JulieOctober 11th, 2013  11:22 AM

  • Hello
    Speaking as a non Birkin person ( affordability being the issue!) I’ve noticed that fashion is so mood inspired its great to be able to follow the flow of my inner mood and notice what I aspire to want to wear/use by way of accessories. That way I never feel led nor off the beaten track.
    I like the grey sweater. The simplicity of the line is timeless as well as versatile.

    RuthOctober 11th, 2013  11:46 AM

  • “Although if she were alive today with children I could see her with a cross body. Great post!”

    What *would* Carolyne Kennedy be wearing if she were alive today? That would be a great post! (such a sad thing to think about – what might have been with that couple).

    LilyOctober 11th, 2013  1:05 PM

  • Inspirational : )

    AnitaOctober 11th, 2013  1:07 PM

  • As someone who would never be able to afford a Birkin, this conversation is very interesting to me!! Is a Birkin ever inappropriate!?! I blame the media and the obsession with celebrities. Carrying a Birkin and wearing a pair of Louboutins have become signs of “I have arrived”!! Therefore, everyone who wants to separate themselves from that culture is gravitating toward inconspicuous styles.

    ameeOctober 11th, 2013  1:57 PM

  • Laura, I wish mine was black, the camel ‘gold’ is just too “Blue Jasmine”.

    PrestonOctober 11th, 2013  2:05 PM

  • There is nothing in this post that I don’t love, love, love! Years ago, professional women had to wear those Brooks Brothers menswear suits and little silk flower bow ties at the neck. Does anyone remember that? Yikes! Now, this post represents how I dress for work although I usually throw on a jacket or blazer for a meeting. I need those Choo loafers and that light gray Chan Luu scarf. Thanks, Preston, for a great post!

    RobbiOctober 11th, 2013  2:56 PM

  • LOVE the basics!!! I too often wonder what Carolyne Kennedy would be wearing today. Such a tragedy! I also have the “gold” Birkin as well Preston as my SA talked me away from the black because there is always a great black bag. I did add a bit of surprise by doing an orange lining which I might add added years on to my wait time, but somehow seemed to make it “youthful” or “modern”. I still love carrying my Birkin when I am very casually dressed such as blue jeans and white shirt or white jeans and gray tshirt. It gives a “spark” to the outfit and I have never felt it was “matronly” – oh gosh I hope now that I have read that I don’t begin to look at it differently – haha!

    marybOctober 11th, 2013  3:43 PM

  • I love my Birkin. And wear it every day. The key for me is to use it casually and easily as the great tote bag that it is. Birkin is grey with blue interior. I was inspired this past summer by the pictures of Kate Moss using her white Birkin as a beach bag.

    ValerieOctober 11th, 2013  4:38 PM

  • Do you have an Equipment Sloane sweater? How do they wear? Pilling issue?

    LilyBOctober 11th, 2013  4:49 PM

  • I was looking at the Sloane sweater and read a review online that made me concerned about quality as well. For simple cashmere sweaters, I am a big fan of the Neiman Marcus house brand.

    On another note, I was excited to see that little Vanessa Bruno skirt in the shop. I bought it last month and have been dying to wear it-still hot here.

    EBOctober 12th, 2013  9:38 AM

  • I have the Equipment Sloane sweater in medium grey and black. Love the classic cut and it is a tad on the long side (I am 5’5″). Have not had them long enough to comment on pilling. Will let you know.

    PrestonOctober 12th, 2013  1:39 PM

  • I am fortunate enough to own two Birkins – a black 35 and a taupe 40, both with palladium hardware. I think the silver makes it feel less stuffy and “mature” – I’m a young 57 (!) and I love wearing mine casually with jeans, tshirts/sweaters, and boots. I still will always love my Chanel and Celine totes, but those aren’t going anywhere anytime soon!

    CatOctober 12th, 2013  3:12 PM

  • What a coincidence! I just chopped off all my hair into a pixie cut and was wondering if Carolyn might have done the same by now. Do you think she would have ever cut off that gorgeous hair? Such a tragic loss. No one has inspired me as much since Carolyn. Taylor Tomassi Hill comes close though!

    KarenOctober 15th, 2013  9:31 AM


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