November 11th, 2013
Field Trip


Great weekend in London. I was too jet lagged to meet Jane Birkin Friday evening (the cold and rain didn’t help matters), but I did have coffee with the incredibly smart and beautiful Aly of That’s Not My Age. We chatted about blogging and life, it was really nice. However, the main reason for the trip (and why there are no KiC pics except on Instagram) was to visit with my family and see the “hits” of London with my younger daughter. The Eye, Tower, palaces, Harrods (what a nightmare, a tourist attraction more than a store), Big Ben, The Blue Hahn (cockerel), Portobello Road market– it was great.



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Belted leather biker jacket

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  • Was in London a couple weeks ago with college age daughter and my husband doing the same “tourist” trip…Agree completely about Harrod’s-walked in and out in 15 minutes…my daughter was so much happier at Topshop across the street! By the way, we loved the Borough Market …what a food mecca…plus the Tate Modern is walking distance…

    mary bethNovember 11th, 2013  12:47 PM

  • yep, it’s known as Horrod’s now over here.

    tabitha@bourbonpearlsNovember 11th, 2013  1:26 PM

  • I call it HorrIds!!! It’s more like a bustling bazaar than an elegant store. By the way, what is the Blue Hen? I live in London and have not heard of it. Do you mean Blue Bird restaurant in Chelsea? 😉

    ScarlettNovember 11th, 2013  1:47 PM

  • Scarlett, you are right and I just changed it. It’s the sculpture of the blue hahn, or cockerel in Trafalgar.

    PrestonNovember 11th, 2013  2:10 PM

  • It was so brilliant to meet you , Preston and I’m pleased you enjoyed your trip (apart from Harrods – next time go to Liberty, it’s so much chicer!)

    That's Not My AgeNovember 11th, 2013  6:23 PM

  • oh, that’s a pity you didn’t enjoy harrods. I mean, Harrods and Selfridges are always crowded, but that adds up to the experience, which in my case, always happens to be more pleasant than in other stores, since the sales assistants aren’t too clingy :)) they’re busy running around so i can browse at my own pace.

    Chic PlaisirNovember 11th, 2013  6:27 PM

  • DH and I will be in London in May…just for 2 days (after 4 days in Paris). I know we will only touch on some of the things to see…just a very small taste! So looking forward to it…neither of us have ever been to Europe! We will then take the QM2 back to New York!

    Still have to research to plan what to see and do…

    bisbeeNovember 11th, 2013  6:58 PM

  • How jet lagged do you have to be to not want to meet Jane Birkin?

    PaulaNovember 11th, 2013  8:51 PM

  • My two favorite fashion bloggers in one place – fantastic! I did a London trip with my pre-college daughter in 2010 and it was amazing. Thanks for the memories.

    Lisa MacNovember 11th, 2013  10:22 PM

  • @Paula, I was thinking the same thing. Preston, I thought you were kidding, at first, when I read that line!

    SaraNovember 12th, 2013  12:03 AM

  • Oh I actually love Harrods. The excess of it all! The food halls! Also, there’s an amazing assoulin bookshop buried in the basement…

    DisneyrollergirlNovember 12th, 2013  7:58 PM

  • I liked Harrods too. The pet dept was amazing! We have nothing like that in the states. And the food area is amazing! Have to say I love Harvey Nichols too. Oh, the decadence.
    Mind you, I bought nothing when I was in London. It was overwhelming! Preston, I hope you had high tea. That is such a treat!

    PaulaNovember 13th, 2013  9:49 PM


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