January 1st, 2014

Off To A Good Start

A big thank you to everyone who weighed in on the Vitamix. My dear friend lent me hers over the holidays to see if we would actually use one before we commit. So far we’ve made green drinks (I prefer spinach to kale), almond butter, soups, and smoothies. It’s certainly getting a workout while on loan.



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  • Happy 2014! Thank you for sharing your style wisdom over 2013 and wishing you a wonderful new year! I finally broke down and bought the Vitamix, but will have to wait till we get back home to bust it out. Thinking my Friday cocktail posts will need to be smoothie posts for the month of January. I’m hoping I find it as indispensable as everyone says. Brilliant idea to borrow one, figured I’d just bite the bullet. One of my favorite online resources for recipes is http://ohsheglows.com/categories/recipes-2/beverages/
    Cheers & happy blending, Laura from http://www.cocktailsandgelato.com

    LauraJanuary 1st, 2014  9:02 PM

  • Every morning my husband makes me and my four children a smoothie in the Vitamix with baby kale (much milder in taste and texture to it’s more mature counterpart), frozen pineapple, frozen mango, orange juice, C-Boost, and Beyond Organic’s Vanilla Raw Protein Powder. We all love it, and it makes me feel good knowing we have had a healthy start to the day.

    SarahJanuary 1st, 2014  10:22 PM

  • Hi Preston,
    Happy New Year! Which model vitamin are you using? Can you please share, if you have a second?
    Thank you!

    JulieJanuary 2nd, 2014  9:06 AM

  • Not to imply you’re a price shopper… but if you’re going for it, QVC has the best deal and return policy.

    SamanthaJanuary 2nd, 2014  9:36 AM

  • Thanks, Samantha. Mostly trying to decide if I have to pull the trigger on the $500 – $600 model. It seems from the reviews I’ve read that the cheaper version (around $400, I think?) burns out pretty quickly. I’ve been punting the decision for a while now, and would love some first-hand feedback.

    JulieJanuary 2nd, 2014  4:56 PM

  • I stick pretty much to green juices, sometimes carrot and beet get added in. If you want to make a few ahead of time, green juices last 3 to 4 days, however it’s best to drink them fresh. Also Carrot juice goes bad after the first day. Also for a good smoothie, use organic frozen strawberries, peaches, kale and coconut milk.

    AnitaJanuary 2nd, 2014  5:46 PM

  • I say go to your local juicer and save the money. Its a pain to clean and easy to get good juices in most cities.

    parisJanuary 2nd, 2014  10:18 PM

  • I don’t want to be a party pooper re : Vitamix, but I have never felt the need to spend that money when I make smoothies every day with my blender. Kale, beets, bananas, frozen, fresh…whatever! I don’t get the extra $$$ …A good blender is at least half if not a third of the price of the Vitamix.

    brenda murphyJanuary 2nd, 2014  11:41 PM

  • I presently use a blender for breskfast smoothies with fruit, kale, almond milk, chai and flax. I would love to hear from someone who has upgraded to a vitamix and give me the scoop on why it is better.

    SusanJanuary 3rd, 2014  1:44 PM

  • I like my Vitamix. I bought it about a yr ago directly from Vitamix. Mine came w/ an 8 yr warranty and it is super easy to clean. I did buy the model w/the presets which is nice. It was also the quieter version which I highly recommend (b/c they are pretty noisy). It’s quick & easy. Enjoy yours!

    LeeJanuary 3rd, 2014  4:33 PM


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