January 5th, 2014

Illustrated Dior

Famed Swedish artist, Mats Gustafson, was commissioned by Dior to do a series of illustrations of looks from designer Raf Simons’ FW13 and R13 collections. So beautiful.



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Collection gold, silver and diamond ring


Ira ribbed cashmere turtleneck sweater


Wendell cropped high-rise wide-leg jeans


Francoise gold-plated lapis lazuli earrings


Grosgrain-trimmed lady tunic


Cross3 leather cross-body bag


Double-breasted wool-twill coat


Oversized alpaca and wool-blend sweater


Alpaca and wool-blend midi skirt




Hooded wool-blend duffle coat


Jamie alpaca-blend cardigan

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  • Stunning!

    And, can I just say thank you for being such a prolific, creative blogger? So many blogs I follow are now posting every few weeks and I lose interest. I know it’s not easy to keep on top of it, but KiC does.

    MargoJanuary 5th, 2014  2:21 PM

  • j’adore!!

    mark d. sikesJanuary 5th, 2014  2:30 PM

  • Margo, you made my day! Thank you

    PrestonJanuary 5th, 2014  2:43 PM

  • preston I also want to say after following so many blogs I am now down to four. you and of course your friend mark…thank you for all your hard work.it is no easy task to be consistant oh and chic.

    leslieJanuary 5th, 2014  10:04 PM

  • Love the Dior illustrations. Love mark D Sikes. Love that you introduced me to his blog. Love that he mentioned you in his international ” it” list. Nice to see a photo of you for a change!

    PaulaJanuary 5th, 2014  10:21 PM

  • These are beautiful! I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mats. He’s amazing. & yes- this is finest blog around.

    candaceJanuary 5th, 2014  10:57 PM

  • I totally agree with Margo and thank you for all your hard work! I’d just like to add that I really appreciate your aesthetic and whilst it doesn’t align exactly with mine all the time – how boring would that be – I love reading KiC so I’m very excited for 2014 – Happy New Year!

    SilkPathDiaryJanuary 6th, 2014  8:27 AM

  • I agree with all the others; your blog is amazing and its one of the few I look at daily. The drawings are fantastic, but more importantly (in my opinion) the designs feel classic yet current. These drawings look like they could have come from any era and, and the designs will stand the test of time. Happy New Year!

    RevolvingDecorJanuary 6th, 2014  11:17 AM


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