January 6th, 2014
It Item

If They Are On Your List, Get Them Now


If there is an It shoe for spring, the Isabel Marant leather slides are certainly a contender. New to Net-a-Porter today, and they won’t be in stock long.



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  • They look like athletic sandals. If they didn’t have Isabel Marant stamped on them, everyone would think they were ugly.

    EBJanuary 6th, 2014  9:40 AM

  • I agree with the first post – if Isabel Marant’s name wasn’t on it they would be considered ugly. I’m looking for sandals like this, but honestly, Birkestocks are more attractive. I with Birkenstocks would step up their game and make sandals that are more “fancy”. These Marant ones remind me of what my grandmother used to wear in Miami Beach.

    DinaJanuary 6th, 2014  10:07 AM

  • I agree with the above posts. They remind me of the Chanel Karl Lagerfeld take on Teva’s in the 90’s. Funky, comfortable, fun–maybe, but not flattering.

    karenJanuary 6th, 2014  10:25 AM

  • Ditto with the first two posts. You have got to be kidding! These are horrendously ugly, look cheap and there is NOTHING chic about them – is this a joke?

    SylvieJanuary 6th, 2014  10:35 AM

  • Hmmm. I have to agree with Dina. I love my Birkenstock Gizeh (I have a black patent and muted silver pair) and In my opinion, they are better looking than these Marant slides. I sure they are comfy, but so are my Birkenstocks!

    Helene DamerisJanuary 6th, 2014  11:22 AM

  • I have two pairs of Birks Arizonas that I love…one in sand-colored suede and the other in black leather. I still jumped on these as soon as I saw Preston’s post. They’ll be a nice casual alternative when I don’t want to look at the buckle that the Arizona has. Dina, I agree with you about Birks stepping up their game.

    kimJanuary 6th, 2014  11:30 AM

  • Isabel Marant is known for tweaking things just that little bit to get them from louche to chic. I like these, but then, I always like a masculine shoe.

    joannawnycJanuary 6th, 2014  11:31 AM

  • God these are ugly…and they do look like athletic sandals. I wouldn’t be caught dead in these ever! This is not fashion or style…. or anything related! ….just ugly comfort.

    ReneeJanuary 6th, 2014  11:48 AM

  • I can’t help it, I absolutely loathe these sandals. I suppose it doesn’t help that I’m not a fan of Birkenstocks either.
    Comfort is one thing, but surely there’s no need to go this far?

    BeccaJanuary 6th, 2014  11:59 AM

  • I think they are great because they are like uber birk’s. I have been wearing birks lately and love them, but sometimes with super casual clothes they do not look ‘considered’, just generic and a bit dumpy. I just bought a pair of these (thats for the tip Preston as I was waiting for them) as they make more of a statement. I think “fancy” and “attractive” have nothing to do with them; its a whole ‘nother message.

    allison wJanuary 6th, 2014  12:13 PM

  • Ladies, I am a big fan of Naot sandals, many styles, fit a narrow foot. Let’s call it a upgraded Birkenstock. They are extremely comfortable, and sold on Zappos.

    CindalaJanuary 6th, 2014  12:24 PM

  • They look like the Adidas water shoes worn with socks by old men. These are worse than Birkenstocks. You couldn’t pay me enough….

    Lisa EastmanJanuary 6th, 2014  2:56 PM

  • Definitely! And with socks.

    RTGJanuary 6th, 2014  3:00 PM

  • Did I just hallucinate, or are these sandals really $510? Not worth it.

    BabsJanuary 6th, 2014  3:18 PM

  • This is a contender for an “IT” shoe? I’d rather go old school Adidas one-strap.

    KristinJanuary 6th, 2014  3:44 PM

  • I love a Fugly sandal and these could be this year’s Birkenstocks!

    That's Not My AgeJanuary 6th, 2014  3:56 PM

  • I wouldn’t buy these because I am a confirmed Birkenstock fan: great quality, same style at less money. But, the overall look, I like.

    AprilJanuary 6th, 2014  4:44 PM

  • I like them; sophisticated Birkenstock. However, they are too pricey.

    AnaJanuary 6th, 2014  7:11 PM

  • I like them. Think they may be a great run around shoe. Surprised as the strong reaction against them.
    These are simple and chic and don’t really look like Birkenstocks to me.

    PaulaJanuary 6th, 2014  9:29 PM

  • No question they are ugly.

    LeeJanuary 7th, 2014  2:10 AM

  • YUCK!

    parisJanuary 7th, 2014  2:05 PM

  • Just received mine. Ordered the same size as my birks, and these run much narrower and sleeker. They elongate the foot and a significantly more flattering than birks. I expected them to be bulky like the celine ones with fur, but they are far more refined.

    allison wJanuary 8th, 2014  10:51 AM

  • I’m sorry these are hideous….only the name will sell these.
    My birks are way nicer at a fraction of the price of these grandpa shoes.

    LolaJanuary 14th, 2014  11:10 PM


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