January 25th, 2014

Natural Remedies

We are pretty good about buying organic foods, using natural cleaners, and eating our greens (especially with the new Vitamix), but there were some good bits of advice from nutritionist (and ex model) Rosemary Ferguson in the recent issue of NaP’s The Edit. Airing out clothes when back from the cleaners is new to me, but makes perfect sense.


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  • Thanks for sharing Preston! I am very dedicated to living a natural lifestyle and one of the most important changes to make is to use a natural lip gloss. We eat thousands of pounds of lipstick/lipgloss in our lifetime, and there are some very toxic chemicals in most brands. Gabriel makes a great natural lipgloss that lasts a really long time. Diva is a color that works for almost anyone, and it’s available at Whole Foods. I did a post on natural cosmetics if anyone is interested in seeing what other natural products work well: http://bit.ly/KUBWe2

    illysia from MadlyChic.comJanuary 25th, 2014  10:21 AM

  • Hooray for “Don’t eat processed food or low-fat alternatives!” How about dairy? Full fat yogurt, cheese, butter are vital and healthful foods. Enjoying reasonable portions from grass-fed animals like goats, cows, sheep, buffalo, provides human beings with much of the goodness of the greens that the animals eat. The naturally occurring fat enables our body to assimilate needed nutrition. I.e: Skim milk has to be processed with extra vitamin D because humans cannot get the benefit without the fat. And we are likely to agree that is not “natural;” the fat has a purpose. Thank you for highlighting this piece of good sense from Rosemary Ferguson.

    Kathryn HarlowJanuary 25th, 2014  11:57 AM

  • i saw this article too and saved it! lots of good advice, i agree the one about dry cleaning was a good one i hadn’t thought of!

    corrinaJanuary 25th, 2014  1:40 PM

  • Wonderful article! Numbers 3, 4, and 8 are critical in my opinion–babies and children really need fats for good brain development. And if you have trouble sleeping, #6 is key!

    paulaJanuary 25th, 2014  4:54 PM

  • It seems the dry cleaning tip in this article has us all airing our clothes – thanks for sharing !

    Penny CalderJanuary 26th, 2014  11:59 AM

  • We’re slowly switching to all organic and natural beauty products. The EWG has a great guide for testing the toxicity of your current products.


    Tory & KerryJanuary 27th, 2014  9:55 PM


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