February 21st, 2014
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Mule vs. Mule


The mule is even bigger this spring than last, and I want a pair. However, I’ve been hesitating because I couldn’t see myself running around in them. But I could in a wedge. Hmm…

Chloé wedge & Gianvito Rossi mule



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  • Mules ARE the perfect run around shoe!
    Slip on and off – makes it easier to drive
    around barefoot!

    Lisa EastmanFebruary 21st, 2014  10:28 AM

  • Yes, definitely the wedge! I have a few pair and adore them…quite do-able and adorable! I also think they are more unique than the heel versions and have a little more personality! Let us know what you choose!

    SheriFebruary 21st, 2014  10:31 AM

  • Looove that Chloe wedge…

    tunieFebruary 21st, 2014  4:59 PM

  • Maybe the mule isn’t your run around shoe. Maybe you’ll run around in another silhouette and get the Rossi mule for fun and other occasions. The wedge, the Chloe one you have spotlighted, isn’t equal to some of the lust-worthy non-wedge mules out there. I don’t particularly like the buckles/wedge combo.

    JenFebruary 21st, 2014  6:10 PM

  • I had a pair of the wedge mules when my son was young. I remember them as being very easy to wear. Love the kick off ease.

    Why stop at one pair?

    MiaFebruary 21st, 2014  7:21 PM

  • Although I do love the Chloe’s in the photo, when I clicked on the NAP link, I don’t like them on the model’s feet – it looks like her foot is folding on itself probably because it’s a 4″ wedge. I have a feeling it would have been prettier, and more wearable at 3″.

    KathyFebruary 21st, 2014  9:29 PM

  • The wedge seems so much more do-able, and just as chic.

    Laura (@cocktailsandgelato.com)February 21st, 2014  11:05 PM

  • At first I wasn’t grabbed by the Chloe wedge shown, but it has grown on me and I really like the look. The thick band was my initial turn-off, but when seen on the model’s foot it looks very attractive. I think the wedge looks a bit fresher than the heel version, but in either case I like the fact the current mules are made to hold the foot more securely, more shoe-like. The flip floppy ones are not fresh looking to me and , instead, look dated, a la Grease.

    AprilFebruary 22nd, 2014  5:07 PM

  • Love the double-banded mule! I think the “naked shoe” is kind of on its way out and more 90s-retro thick straps are on the way.

    joannawnycFebruary 23rd, 2014  10:41 PM


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