March 19th, 2014
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Old School

We gave our older daughter a turntable for Christmas. She’d wanted one forever, but since she’s in boarding school and wouldn’t take it with her, we were reluctant to scratch it off her list. And there was the challenge of finding records. But all that’s changed, even Urban Outfitters and Whole Foods now sell albums.

Despite the ease of iTunes, we’ve gone old school, and it appears we’re not alone. An article in the WSJ last weekend on the turntable’s renewed popularity stated that over 6 million new LPs were sold in 2013.  There’s something to be said for listening to Led Zeppelin, and even Lana Del Rey, on vinyl.



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Printed silk dress


Wool-blend coat


Noma asymmetric wool-blend shirt


Noma wool-blend straight-leg pants


Gathered cotton-poplin top


Cotton-blend gabardine trench coat


Oversized paneled cable-knit wool and poplin top


One-shoulder cotton-jersey top


Square sunglasses


Wool-blend overcoat


Classic medium bag


Knot small hoop earrings made of brass

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  • Preston, Where did you find it? I have so many albums I would love to play again and I tried a player that would convert the music to a digital format but never figured out how to make it work. I so envy you!!

    Doreen BanksMarch 19th, 2014  4:48 PM

  • Our family is hooked on vinyl–I brought my 1978 Yamaha receiver and turntable into the marriage 33 years ago! It works perfectly–electronics were made to last back then. Our son took to it when he was in high school and once in college purchased his own turntable and albums at a Chicago shop specializing in vinyl. Look for a shop that allows you to listen before you purchase. Another great source is your parent’s basement and estate sales. Our son very generously gave his sister a turntable for Christmas a year ago, her senior year of college. I highly recommend ‘Dusty in Memphis’ . . .

    PaulaMarch 20th, 2014  1:30 AM


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