March 25th, 2014

Silver Polish


Who says people can’t change.

Since college, I have been a die hard yellow gold fan. Rose gold too. My wedding and engagement rings, both in platinum, are the only non-yellow gold jewelry I own.

That’s about to change. Last December I bought an Hermès Collier de Chien cuff in black leather with gold hardware. But it feels a bit like Versace circa the 90s, and not in a good way. I’m starting to think my CdC would look less flashy in silver, and that I would wear it more often.

This story on Nadja Bender in Vogue Paris confirms my desire to wear silver jewelry. Especially with denim, it looks super chic.



what's new


Chunky large hoops


Trio bag


High neck sweater in double face Shetland cashmere


Wrap skirt in wool felt


Elliptic Heel nappa lambskin ankle boot


Signet ring


Square sunglasses


Coat in double face cashmere


Crew neck sweater in double face shetland wool and cashmere


Elliptic Heel nappa lambskin ankle boot


Baroque hoops


Knot ring made of vermeil

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  • With the price of gold so astronomical, and the fact I was due for a change, I have slowly worked silver jewelry back into my wardrobe. So glad to see this spread – there are some knockout pieces. Love the statement necklace in the first photo. Looks dynamite with the denim shirt with fringe tassels. Elegantly understated, where as gold would have been too bold.


    Curators Of StyleMarch 25th, 2014  9:09 AM

  • Gorgeous photos! Definitely an inspiration to pull out the silver again…and add a few pieces!

    CariMarch 25th, 2014  9:26 AM

  • Because I’ve always favored large statement pieces of jewelry, I’ve been wearing silver for a long time out of “necessity” for cost-sake. Consequently, it’s become a signature for me, and continues to feel fresh and modern.

    CatMarch 25th, 2014  9:46 AM

  • I have always loved gold jewelry as well and think it warms my skin tone. But I felt the same way about the CDC and chose the silver hardware. I still have trouble mixing metals but – I think both gold and silver are timeless when stacked and layered.

    DianaMarch 25th, 2014  9:47 AM

  • I have always loved a mix of gold and platinum or silver. In fact my wedding ring is platinum with yellow gold. I really wanted the black CDC with gold HW because I admired it for so long Emmanuelle Alt’s arm. The gold HW wasn’t available so I opted for the palladium. I have been thrilled and I wear it so often. You captured my feelings exactly about the gold HW…it’s a little too GOLD. These pictures are great inspiration.

    MaryBMarch 25th, 2014  10:33 AM

  • How funny that I have just done the reverse! I have had a black with palladium CDC bracelet for ages and which I love and wear lots. But just bought a red with gold CDC bracelet for the summer!

    MMSMarch 25th, 2014  11:52 AM

  • I have a Cartier watch that is both white and yellow gold. I think that is the trick, get one piece that has both colors. And I wear an arm full of both. I also purchased a yellow and white gold chunky link bracelet I wear with it and a gold Cartier love bracelet, Ippollatta silver bangles, I mix and match. I love doing both but I put it all on one wrist. The other is bare.

    Goldie StettenMarch 25th, 2014  1:22 PM

  • I began thinking about silver after noticing the gorgeous cuff Emma Roberts wears with every outfit in the movie, Saving Mr. Banks. If that mimics the author’s real wardrobe, she had a great sense of style.

    tunieMarch 25th, 2014  3:54 PM

  • i love all jewels, regardless of their color…i mix it all together but i think it’s an acquired taste. i do get that 90s versace feeling from time to time and that’s when i let the gold rest. just like MMS, i’m looking forward to wearing my gold in the summer…love it with a tan and a simple dress.
    ps- @Krisrtin- i believe the tunic in the first picture is h&m for $49.95

    bllMarch 25th, 2014  4:57 PM

  • The denim dress with tassels is H&M– I think it comes in white too.

    PrestonMarch 25th, 2014  5:15 PM

  • For the last few years I’ve been wearing more silver jewelry than gold. I love the way it plays against grey and denim. The flash of silver in the summer evokes a feeling of coolness in the heat. I just think it looks more modern.

    pindaMarch 26th, 2014  5:00 PM


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