April 4th, 2014

The Summer Issue

Looking tousled and pretty, Lady Gaga covers Porter’s second issue. Porter is such a good read, I need to get my hands on one for the flight to San Francisco next week.




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Collection gold, silver and diamond ring


Eyelet-embellished intarsia merino wool turtleneck sweater


Mid-heel suede knee-high boots


Beirut 18-karat rose gold diamond ring


Camilla one-shoulder textured-organic cotton maxi dress


medium Trunk shoulder bag


Cotton-blend poplin top


Wool sweater


Gold vermeil hoop earrings


Charlotte cotton-gabardine trench coat


Two-tone crepe blouse


Oversized silk-charmeuse shirt

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  • As a huge fan of the Net-a-Porter website, I had been meaning to subscribe to Porter. Two weeks ago, while en route from Paris to London via the Eurostar train with my husband and kids, our business class coach had magazines, including Porter. I was delighted to get my hands on it… it was a fabulous read! Great content, very insightful articles about fashion, art, culture, women in business, and of course, great pictorials, too.. Fantastic! It’s like Bazaar, Vogue, Town and Country, AMEX Departures all wrapped up into one, and then some! Going to fill out my subscription now.

    As always, I thoroughly enjoy KIC, often the first site I check while having my coffee, savoring those few peaceful minutes at work before the frenetic day kicks in.


    MonicaApril 4th, 2014  8:42 AM

  • Can’t wait for mine to come – they were late delivering my last issue…

    bisbeeApril 4th, 2014  10:54 AM

  • Very nice cover shot of Gaga.

    June2April 4th, 2014  2:06 PM

  • I was visiting family in Texas in February, soon after the first issue came out. I bought it at a Barnes & Noble and really enjoyed it. I will be looking for the second issue. I hope it remains quarterly, and not monthly, as I think the extra time assures that each issue will be high quality. I think that is missing in many of the monthly magazines.

    AprilApril 4th, 2014  2:34 PM

  • I got my copy at a newstand in NYC today, can’t wait to have some time this weekend to read it. Particularly looking forward to the article entitled Beautiful Stories and Strong Women.

    MonicaApril 4th, 2014  6:00 PM

  • My opinion of the first issue was mixed. I browsed but didn’t purchase. I love print magazines and certainly prefer them over online versions. Loved the dimension, glossy pages, and gorgeous photography. But the articles seemed irrelevant, bordering on silly. Perhaps it’s my age, but the celebrity culture bores me to death. I’ve lost patience for media dictates re. who’s in and who’s out, who’s significant and who’s not. Certain faces are built up to be superhuman, and then news breaks which too often reveals them as hugely disappointing and lacking character. I far prefer a magazine which stays focused on fashion/beauty/style trends/lifestyles, but would happily lose the propaganda on politics and swooning over celebrities and the super rich. Gag!

    PaulaApril 5th, 2014  1:19 AM

  • It is the first picture in wich Mrs Gaga seems a normal (not nice) woman.

    MauraApril 5th, 2014  9:16 AM

  • Disappointed to see Gaga on the cover. Her shock value entertainment isn’t something I respect, especially her latest “sick” stunt!

    HeidiApril 5th, 2014  12:30 PM

  • Have a subscription still waiting for the delivery of the magazine….. getting frustrated as I could have purchased this from my local newsagent last Saturday.

    CelesteApril 10th, 2014  4:06 PM


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