April 25th, 2014

‘Do Overs’

My hair is the same length as Anna Ewers’ in the bottom image. This story, by the brilliant hair stylist Guido Palau, is from the May issue of W.
A few days ago, as I was running to a school assembly with my hair tucked into the neck of a turtleneck sweater, I got a number of compliments on my “haircut”. I’m eyeing the top pic and thinking I should give that length a try. TBC

Photography by Patrick Demarchelier


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Croc-effect leather slippers


Cotton-drill shirt


Iacopo double band sandal


Belted trench


Brook leather belt


Egon nappa leather sandals


Obi leather waist belt


Sora cotton-blend poplin maxi dress


Eastwood thong wrap sandals


Leather clutch


Paola strapless crepe midi dress


Iacopo double band sandal

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  • I think you should give Lob a chance!!!

    ameeApril 25th, 2014  9:06 AM

  • The long crop looks so modern and fresh! Love it.

    A Note On StyleApril 25th, 2014  9:55 AM

  • That cut is so classic. You can’t go wrong.

    LilahApril 25th, 2014  10:54 AM

  • Sooo chic and modern!

    BellbonneApril 25th, 2014  11:43 AM

  • Like Nike says, “Just Do It”. It will look fantastic on you!!

    KristinApril 25th, 2014  3:42 PM

  • Although I think the cut is modern and chic…I have hair similar in length and cut to yours now. I personally have regretted my “lobs” especially with summer coming. There is so much more versatility with longer hair in the summer – chic ponytail, braid etc. If you are considering, I suggest waiting for fall, but my hair curls up with humidity so my lob quickly becomes a bushy bob.

    MaryBApril 25th, 2014  3:49 PM

  • My hair is the length of the first photo, after a “lob” and although I like it when someone blow dries it well, it is harder to style, and to not long enough for a messy chignon or anything. Growing mine back to just past my collarbone.

    KathyApril 25th, 2014  6:03 PM

  • I agree. Hold the cut for fall when you won’t mind that hair on your neck. With warmer weather on the way updos and ponytails are the way to go.

    RoseATApril 25th, 2014  7:38 PM

  • Such a personal decision, but I vote cut! Grace Kelly wore a nice length, as did Audrey Hepburn. In the Hollywood world, Annette Bening sets a nice example. Something very adult about shorter hair.

    PaulaApril 26th, 2014  12:54 AM

  • I’m taking AMaryB’s advice and waiting until fall. I predict that we will have a scorcher of a summer and I’m going to want to put it up.

    PrestonApril 26th, 2014  6:09 AM

  • I would actually wait for fall like several suggested here. And also, enjoy the long hair while you’ve got it. I’m in my 40s and enjoying still having a rather long hair, although must admit to have cut it a little bit shorter recently.

    Caroline@beautifulosophy.comApril 27th, 2014  8:12 AM


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