June 17th, 2014
Valentino Resort

Pattern Play


There are over 80 looks in the Valentino resort collection. For some inexplicable reason, this one is my favorite.



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Joaquin double-breasted pleated cashmere coat


Cat-eye square-frame sunglasses


Belted wool-twill coat


Leather Charlotte kitten heel knee high boots


Tweed wool-blend single-breasted coat


Mora embroidered cotton shirt


Avery oversized belted two-tone cotton twill trench coat


Knotted sleeve-waist wool sweater


medium Trunk shoulder bag


Gold vermeil hoop earrings


Wool-blend overcoat


Chain choker - yellow gold

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  • When I look at this and The Row…it’s TR hands down. I can’t imagine ever wearing the skirt or the shoes. The blouse maybe. I do like the purse, but not a must have.

    MargoJune 17th, 2014  7:07 PM

  • It’s the butterfly appliqués. They are irresistible! As is this website. Thank you! I’ve become addicted to it, checking it on “breaks,” as I finish writing a book. You write beautifully.

    Laura Zinn FrommJune 17th, 2014  9:01 PM

  • Interesting mix. The Slavic girl meet the American flower power and cow girls. Is the collection a political statement in view of the latest event in Ukraine?
    It is nice to see such an explosion of colours. Minimalism is chic but boring at high dosage.

    ClarisseJune 18th, 2014  12:10 AM

  • for me, this look is not about “fashion” per se, it is about style. more specifically, favorite substitute teacher or babysitter from the 70’s, style. this outfit evokes a nostalgic warm and fuzzy feeling; recalling maybe the first times you noticed and really liked the details in the out fit of some one you admired. at least that is what i feel when i see this particular outfit. because really, let’s face it, it’s frumpy -buttoned up to here, sleeves down the there, low calf length, holy missionary chic, batman. but all together, i agree, it is pleasing. and not to be compared to the row…each in a class by themselves…

    agnesJune 18th, 2014  12:28 AM

  • This look is the most beautiful I have seen in a long time. Not because of the skirt hem or shoes or the colors, but because it exudes creativity and originality! The patterned fabrics are exquisite. The simple, fairly traditional shapes are so fabulous and fresh, yet the whole look has an Old World elegance to it! The model has a healthy, dare I say wholesome, look! The whole look is so original and fresh and completely unlike anything else other designers are doing. Feels like a happy surprise!

    PaulaJune 18th, 2014  1:34 AM

  • Tailored bohemian? Intriguing look, but definitely not for me! I agree with above comment that they are basically unexciting pieces. Rather retro 80″s, to me. If anyone has been watching that new AMC show, “Halt And Catch Fire”, it is set in the early 1980’s and heavy in these button-up looks.

    AprilJune 18th, 2014  6:27 AM

  • Wow, it really is Swiss au pair from the 70’s in Brooklyn…lol. VERY unexpected direction from Valentino, but I love how refreshing it is for resort. I love it.

    june2June 18th, 2014  4:08 PM

  • This is exactly how I dressed in the late seventies, when I started teaching elementary school! I doubt I revisit that look.

    OrbJune 18th, 2014  11:24 PM

  • An afterthought–The model and clothing remind me of the incredibly chic Carolina Herrera as a girl/young woman in Venezuela, living an incredibly chic life. Model reminds me of Charlotte Casiraghi in her youth. This collection is for young women who’s lives are beyond current trends and it is incredibly sophisticated. This is European chic–not at all New York. Check out the bomber jacket!

    PaulaJune 19th, 2014  1:45 AM


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