July 7th, 2014
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These Boots Were Made For Walking


Nancy Sinatra could have been singing about these Gucci boots. At the tippy top of my fall list, I’ve bought both colors and heights and will decide when they get here.

Beige short, beige tall, Brown short, brown tall.



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  • Oh Preston…as you know I can’t decide either. I would love to hear reader’s input. I wear pants/jeans a lot more often than skirts, but I love the taller version and heel height. I have preordered both colors in the tall version. The runway pictures make the shaft of the boot look very small on those thin legs. I am hoping they fit on my calf. These too are on the top on my list!!!!

    MaryBJuly 7th, 2014  8:57 AM

  • I LOVE these boots!! I would splurge on these!!

    Sue TothJuly 7th, 2014  9:13 AM

  • HAVE to have!!!!! So Megan Draper!!!!

    Cari BeckerJuly 7th, 2014  9:13 AM

  • I’m with you. I preordered short and tall versions too in brown and black, but the more I think about it, I’m leaning towards the short ones. I love them with cropped pants. If only there was a short version with a mid-heel…meanwhile, I’ll wait for them to come in.

    A Note On StyleJuly 7th, 2014  9:25 AM

  • Very mod, Preston…love the tall..How will you wear the short ones?

    Mary BethJuly 7th, 2014  9:35 AM

  • AGREE!
    And perfect title for this post…

    Mary AliceJuly 7th, 2014  9:42 AM

  • The short nude ones seem most modern to me. But that brown is quite luscious …

    joannawnycJuly 7th, 2014  10:55 AM

  • love love love! pre- ordered tall beige!

    nkmJuly 7th, 2014  11:02 AM

  • The brown color is most practical, but the nude is really special. They are great in either color.

    AprilJuly 7th, 2014  12:07 PM

  • I’m pretty good about making decisions. But in a quandary – I love the brown but short or tall. Help!!!!

    Kristin BungartJuly 7th, 2014  3:35 PM

  • I would like to see how you would style the short ones. I am trying to get my eye used to the proportions of short heel/short shaft, but I’m not there yet. I have the same problem with Chelsea boots. But I love the tall ones.

    pindaJuly 7th, 2014  7:39 PM

  • I wish the short version had the same heel height and proportion as the tall boot. I live in LA, and just don’t wear tall boots much, if ever. Love the boots, but find the short version a bit too flat for my legs?

    KathyJuly 7th, 2014  10:07 PM

  • I am sorry to be the lone dissenting vote. I’m sitting this one out.

    karenJuly 7th, 2014  11:50 PM

  • They are both fab – what a lovely quandary to be in!

    That's Not My AgeJuly 8th, 2014  2:55 AM

  • i’m on the fence about these guys. you posted a photo of these back in february and i still think there’s something about them that looks like a prosthetic leg. i don’t know if it’s the extremely thin shaft of the boot or the colors, but then i saw a full frontal shot of the full heigh boot (http://www.fashionavecpassion.com/gucci-fw14-luxurious-contrasts-mean-glamour/) and i’m kind of changing my tune.

    bllJuly 8th, 2014  8:38 AM

  • I love the high boots and wish they had a loafer or pump version. I have some block heel Gucci pumps from 2007 that I still wear. A version of these would be a great replacement.

    LFRJuly 8th, 2014  11:33 AM

  • Dear Preston,
    I’d love to hear your feedback on these boots! I ordered the beige and black tall versions, and I am afraid they are too big on me. They come up a bit too high and are too loose around the bottom of the knee. I believe you are around my height, and am dying to hear how they fit someone else. I am struggling with whether or not to have them altered, or let them pass.
    Thanks and best,

    Julie AnnAugust 31st, 2014  3:26 PM


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