July 10th, 2014
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Overalls? Maybe…

VogueWhen they first made a comeback, I took a pass on overalls– too young, not always flattering. But, this pic of model Caroline Brasch Nielson could sway me. In cream with a neutral sweater is super chic, and ageless.

Image @ Phil Oh for vogue.com



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  • I agree, if the look is carefully crafted, It can be a great casual look. I used to have a natural linen pair I loved wearing in the summer.

    AprilJuly 10th, 2014  8:53 AM

  • Just Say No………

    LNJuly 10th, 2014  9:15 AM

  • Overalls? Never, sorry! Much too down on the farm to ever be chic. I agree, just say no!

    MelanieJuly 10th, 2014  9:59 AM

  • Oh, say it ain’t so please…..

    SueMJuly 10th, 2014  10:12 AM

  • No! It belongs with camouflage and neon…in the trash!

    MarylynJuly 10th, 2014  10:16 AM

  • To me, these fall into the category of “if you wore it back in the day, don’t wear it now” . I think it really is a young girl’s look and trendy at that. Also think it looks best on a certain body type – very tall and lanky. Sorry to be so negative, but on this look, I’m quite opinionated!

    lisaJuly 10th, 2014  10:52 AM

  • Thoughtfully put together as above and definitely in white I would consider it.

    karenJuly 10th, 2014  10:58 AM

  • Not then, not now. Period.

    brittanyJuly 10th, 2014  12:31 PM

  • Definitely not ageless. Instead, could be very aging.

    SamanthaJuly 10th, 2014  12:47 PM

  • Really? Not super chic or ageless unless you happen to live on a farm or be working in your garden.

    LesesneJuly 10th, 2014  4:14 PM

  • Love it if I were tall and lanky, which I am not. But I do paint in denim overalls in the winter…..

    KathyJuly 10th, 2014  5:18 PM

  • Uh oh, another step back to hippiedom . . . And who’s back side really looks good in overalls?

    PaulaJuly 11th, 2014  1:31 AM

  • Our mutual friend, Mark Sikes, will disagree on this subject, but I think the idea of a woman wearing overalls is not good. Reminds me of a giant toddler or rodeo clown. Just a trend invented by the fashion industry.

    AllisonJuly 11th, 2014  7:50 AM

  • Overalls are not for a mature stylish woman. Definitely for the under 30 set. To me, they seem very unflattering!

    Paula BJuly 11th, 2014  10:43 AM

  • Correction: just saw a pic of Katie Holmes in a denim pair I’m not a big fan of how she puts herself together but I thought the overalls were adorable on her. A really cute casual look!

    Paula BJuly 11th, 2014  10:48 AM

  • I ran across a picture of Olivia Palermo in a black pair of overalls and an over sized white blouse. Not for everyone, but definitely not tacky.

    AprilJuly 12th, 2014  1:26 PM


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